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Chris Doyle

Chris Doyle

Chris Doyle is director of the London-based Council for Arab-British Understanding (CAABU). He has worked with the council since 1993 after graduating with a first class honors degree in Arabic and Islamic Studies at Exeter University. He has organized and accompanied numerous British parliamentary delegations to Arab countries. Twitter: @Doylech

10 Jun 2024

Why were Western leaders silent on Jerusalem’s hate march?

13 Feb 2024

Ethnic cleansing now the most likely outcome in Gaza

09 Jan 2024

Israel in the dock as Gaza genocide case begins

19 Dec 2023

Israeli propaganda cannot hide the truth of its brutal war on Gaza

09 Oct 2023

The questions raised by the recent Gaza escalation

08 Aug 2023

Israeli-Lebanese border tensions raise fears of the unthinkable

15 May 2023

Israel-Palestine conflict: 75 years of failed negotiations

13 Mar 2023

Costly Iraq intervention must never be repeated

28 Feb 2023

Iran file crucial to Netanyahu-Biden relationship

13 Dec 2022

Arab world the winner in memorable World Cup

21 Sep 2022

Will lessons be learned from the world's failure on COVID-19?

12 Jul 2022

How Biden’s visit could affect Israel-Palestine ties

29 Jun 2022

World must consider how to deal with a nuclear-armed Iran

14 Jun 2022

Gaza’s 15 years of horror under crushing Israeli blockade

31 May 2022

Why West must try harder on case for Ukraine

10 May 2022

Anti-Palestinian racism is widespread and must be tackled

05 Mar 2022

Racism and hypocrisy of the ‘civilized’ reaction to war

14 Dec 2021

‘Forgotten’ Gaza needs more than pious messages, empty promises

16 Feb 2021

How life might change as we live with the pandemic

15 Dec 2020

COVID-19 vaccine rollout requires a global mindset

03 Nov 2020

Documenting the abuse of Palestinian children

03 Mar 2020

We have to make sacrifices to halt coronavirus spread

28 Jan 2020

Israel should tread carefully when it comes to annexation

31 Dec 2019

The long fight against Daesh

09 Dec 2019

Message for Arab leaders: Fix the economy, stem corruption, create jobs

26 Nov 2019

Syrian sanctions: What to do next?

19 Nov 2019

Israelis and militants killing off any chance of peace

14 Nov 2019

Erdogan should think twice before ditching US

12 Nov 2019

Shackles of the past holding Iraq back

30 Oct 2019

Japan a potential peace broker should opportunity arise


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