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11 Jun 2024

Blinken meets with Netanyahu in Israel and urges Hamas to accept ceasefire proposal

12 May 2024

UN chief calls for ‘immediate’ Gaza ceasefire, hostage release

10 May 2024

Israel strikes eastern Rafah as ceasefire talks end with no deal

04 May 2024

Hamas ‘only thing standing between the people of Gaza and a ceasefire’: Blinken

27 Apr 2024

Egypt takes key role in renewed diplomatic push for truce in Gaza

27 Mar 2024

Saudi Cabinet welcomes UN’s ceasefire resolution on Gaza

26 Mar 2024

UN Security Council for first time demands ‘immediate’ ceasefire in Gaza

26 Mar 2024

Israel and Hamas dig in as international pressure builds for a ceasefire in Gaza

26 Mar 2024

UN expert accuses Israel of several acts of ‘genocide’ in Gaza

17 Mar 2024

Israel to attend new ceasefire talks as UN says Gaza hunger crisis worsens

15 Mar 2024

El-Sisi: Egypt is striving to secure a ceasefire in Gaza

08 Mar 2024

Biden tells Israel not to use aid as ‘bargaining chip,’ pushes truce deal

07 Mar 2024

Gaza ceasefire talks deadlocked as humanitarian crisis deepens

06 Mar 2024

Hamas says it will continue negotiating for ceasefire as Ramadan nears

04 Mar 2024

We know Gaza is being ethnically cleansed, because Israel told us

01 Mar 2024

French President Macron calls for immediate ceasefire in Gaza

21 Feb 2024

Japan regrets US veto of UN Gaza ceasefire plan

20 Feb 2024

Arab Group at UN backs Algeria’s resolution demanding Gaza ceasefire

19 Feb 2024

US says will veto Algerian resolution calling for Gaza ceasefire

18 Feb 2024

Hamas chief insists on Gaza ceasefire

15 Feb 2024

Canada, Australia, New Zealand call for immediate ceasefire in Gaza

13 Feb 2024

US presenter Tucker Carlson accuses US of ‘losing moral authority’ for not calling for a Gaza ceasefire

10 Jun 2023

Warring parties in Sudan agree to 24-hour ceasefire – Saudi Arabia, US statement

04 Oct 2021

EU applying pressure for Yemen ceasefire, halting attacks on Saudi Arabia, says official

03 Jul 2021

Japan urges Ethiopian parties in Tigray region to maintain ceasefire

22 May 2021

‘Proud’ Gazans see ‘victory’ in ceasefire

22 May 2021

Saudi Arabia welcomes declaration of ceasefire in Gaza

21 May 2021

Israeli security cabinet approves cease-fire with Hamas in Gaza

19 May 2021

France files Israel-Gaza cease-fire resolution at UN: presidency

26 Mar 2021

Blinken and Yemen PM discuss cease-fire after Saudi peace initiative

27 Oct 2020

Japan welcomes Libyan ceasefire

02 Sep 2020

Hamas, Israel agree to cease-fire over border violence

24 Aug 2020

Japan welcomes Libyan ceasefire

18 Apr 2020

Arab coalition: Houthis have violated ceasefire in Yemen 114 times in 24 hours

13 Apr 2020

Japan welcomes announcement of Coalition to Restore Legitimacy of Ceasefire in Yemen

12 Mar 2020

Turkey largely agreed with Russia on details of Idlib cease-fire: state media

05 Feb 2020

Libya rivals agree to turn truce into lasting ceasefire: UN

30 Jan 2020

Russian strikes kill 10 civilians in Syria’s Idlib: monitor

14 Nov 2019

Truce ends deadly clashes across Gaza border


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