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17 Sep 2022

Syria Kurds wrap up sweep of Daesh relatives camp

13 Sep 2022

Daesh kills 6 US-backed fighters in eastern Syria

03 Sep 2022

Iraq destroys Daesh stronghold in Mosul

13 Aug 2022

Hundreds linked to Daesh transferred from Syria to Iraq

11 Aug 2022

Syria says Daesh leader killed in south

10 Aug 2022

Daesh threat grows despite leadership losses, UN warns

13 Jul 2022

Daesh leader in Syria killed in drone strike: US military

16 Jun 2022

US-led coalition says it detained senior Daesh leader in Syria

07 Jun 2022

Terrorist Financing Targeting Center links 13 individuals, 3 entities to IRGC, Daesh and Boko Haram

31 May 2022

Daesh plotter of 2021 Baghdad market bombing sentenced to death

28 May 2022

Turkey captures the new leader of Daesh in Istanbul raid

14 May 2022

Biden invites private investment in Syrian areas not under Daesh, Assad control

09 May 2022

Japan 'deeply deplores' Sinai Peninsula terrorist attack

09 May 2022

Daesh affiliate claims attack that killed 11 Egyptian troops

07 May 2022

Morocco arrests Daesh suspect in joint probe with US

04 May 2022

Years after Daesh defeat, northern Iraq struggles to rebuild

29 Apr 2022

Suspected Daesh gunmen kill 7 Syrians at Ramadan Iftar meal

23 Apr 2022

‘We found nothing:’ Thousands of Daesh victims still missing

18 Apr 2022

How serious is the threat of Daesh resurgence in northeast Syria?

30 Mar 2022

Syria camp clashes with Daesh leave three dead: Monitor

30 Mar 2022

Suspected Arab gunman kills at least 5 people in Tel Aviv suburb: Ambulance service

29 Mar 2022

Israeli security fears heightened in wake of Daesh killing of 2 policemen

16 Mar 2022

Tunisia says it has dismantled a terrorist cell linked to Daesh

12 Mar 2022

Saudi Arabia announces executions of Daesh, Al-Qaeda members

07 Mar 2022

15 Syrian army troops killed in Daesh attack on military bus near Palmyra

23 Feb 2022

Lebanon says thwarts Daesh bomb plot targeting Hezbollah bastion

22 Feb 2022

Poverty, fear drive exodus from Syria’s one-time Daesh capital

12 Feb 2022

US-allied Kurdish commander warns of growing Daesh threat

10 Feb 2022

US ‘infuriated’ at UK’s refusal to bring home Daesh recruits

07 Feb 2022

Israeli leader talks to Biden about Daesh, Iran

04 Feb 2022

Death of Daesh leader important step: Japan spokesman

29 Jan 2022

Syrian fighters search for Daesh sleeper cells near prison

28 Jan 2022

Dozens of armed Daesh militants still hold corner of Syria prison

24 Jan 2022

Standoff near Syrian prison holding Daesh militants continues

23 Jan 2022

90 die after Daesh jail breakout in north Syria

21 Jan 2022

Daesh attacks Syrian prison, frees extremists: Monitor

21 Jan 2022

Syria Kurds hunt down Daesh militants after prison attack

03 Jan 2022

Five Syrian soldiers killed, 20 injured by Daesh

20 Dec 2021

Six killed by Daesh in Syria’s Al-Hol camp this month

07 Dec 2021

Four Iraqi Kurdish fighters killed in attack blamed on Daesh

29 Nov 2021

Daesh roadside bomb in Iraq leaves 5 Peshmerga dead, 4 wounded

19 Nov 2021

US works to keep its forces in Iraq, Syria to help fight Daesh: Pentagon

03 Nov 2021

25 killed as Daesh hit Kabul hospital

20 Oct 2021

Minorities need protection from Daesh extremism

07 Oct 2021

Germany repatriates 8 women, 23 children with ties to Daesh

19 Sep 2021

Church in former Daesh Iraqi stronghold gets new bell

19 Sep 2021

3 Afghans killed in new Daesh bombings

18 Sep 2021

Syrian refugee pleads guilty in church bomb plot

16 Sep 2021

French forces kill Daesh Sahel militant leader wanted by US

11 Sep 2021

Four dead in north Iraq attack blamed on Daesh extremists


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