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17 Apr 2021

Erdogan government slammed after Daesh members revealed as Turkish nationals

07 Apr 2021

Daesh abducts 19 in Syria, says human rights monitor

02 Apr 2021

Revealed: Houthi militia’s deadly ties with Al-Qaeda and Daesh

22 Mar 2021

Iraq, South Korea discuss development projects post-Daesh destruction

22 Mar 2021

Daesh children attack Al Arabiya reporter Rola Al-Khatib

15 Mar 2021

Eastern Libya forces say arrested top Daesh figure

09 Mar 2021

Airstrike kills 10 Daesh militants in Nineveh, north of Iraq

28 Feb 2021

Iraqi interpreters face death threats from Iranian-backed militias

24 Feb 2021

Al-Khadimi discusses Iraq-US cooperation on Daesh with President Biden

21 Feb 2021

Clashes between Iraqi forces and Daesh leave 7 dead

21 Feb 2021

Russian air assault kills 21 Daesh militants in Syria

18 Feb 2021

Killings surge in Syria camp housing Daesh families

17 Feb 2021

Anti-Daesh coalition to set up military base along Turkish-Syrian border

02 Feb 2021

Lebanon hits Daesh terror cell in border town

01 Feb 2021

Implications of Syria-returning Zainabiyoun militants on Pakistan's internal security

29 Jan 2021

Top Daesh figure in Iraq killed: prime minister

25 Jan 2021

Fears of Iraq execution spree after Daesh attack

22 Jan 2021

Daesh claims deadly and rare twin blasts in Baghdad

12 Jan 2021

Daesh attack kills 8 regime loyalists in east Syria

09 Jan 2021

Grievances, reborn as Daesh accusations, tie Iraqis to camps

18 Nov 2020

Iraqi PM and Pompeo discuss cooperation against Daesh

11 Oct 2020

Iraq reshuffles military commanders amid escalations with Daesh groups

08 Oct 2020

After blast in Syria town, US says rise in attacks troubling

05 Oct 2020

‘Daesh brides’ look to escape Syria camps with help of UK crowdfunders

19 Sep 2020

New Daesh leader was informant for US, says counter terrorism report

27 Aug 2020

Iraq government must choose between US and Iran — its people already have

21 Aug 2020

Iraq open for US business says PM as Trump mulls oil prospects, troop numbers

31 Jul 2020

Yazidi children freed from Daesh haunted by health crisis

19 Jul 2020

Turkish police detain 27 people over links to Daesh

18 Jul 2020

Leaving British Daesh members in Syrian camps could create ‘Daesh 2.0’

16 Jul 2020

Saudi Arabia adds six names, entities to terrorism blacklist for providing Daesh with support

07 Jul 2020

Iraqi security and political expert Hisham Al-Hashimi killed in Baghdad

04 Jul 2020

Dozens killed in Daesh, regime clashes in Syria

05 Jun 2020

Saudi Arabia, UAE reaffirm commitment to global fight against Daesh

27 May 2020

Iraq’s counter-terrorism forces kill senior Daesh member

26 May 2020

Iraq’s security forces destroy Daesh vehicles

20 May 2020

The US war on Iraq

10 May 2020

New Iraq PM releases protesters, promotes respected general

10 May 2020

The rise and fall of Daesh

08 May 2020

The drowning of Aylan Kurdi

03 May 2020

Daesh extremists step up as Iraq, Syria, grapple with virus

03 May 2020

Iraq officials: Daesh militants kill 10 in coordinated attack

30 Mar 2020

Wars won’t wait for coronavirus threat to pass

28 Feb 2020

US troops in Saudi Arabia facing Iran’s ‘real regional conflict’

04 Feb 2020

Daesh claims attack on Egypt gas pipeline

23 Jan 2020

Gunmen kill Iranian militia commander: state media

15 Jan 2020

Saudi Cabinet condemns Iranian aggression

01 Jan 2020

Syria death toll for 2019 lowest in civil war: monitor

31 Dec 2019

The long fight against Daesh

17 Dec 2019

Governments urged to recover abandoned children of Daesh


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