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12 Jan 2023

Daesh claims responsibility for Kabul attack that killed 5

21 Apr 2022

Roadside bomb explosion in western Kabul wounds 2 children

25 Jan 2022

Japan’s envoy in Kabul urges the Taliban to secure Japanese departure

21 Sep 2021

US says flight with 21 US citizens, 48 residents left Kabul

10 Sep 2021

Taliban government makes protests illegal over ‘security’ concerns

05 Sep 2021

Fighting continues in Afghanistan’s last holdout against Taliban rule

02 Sep 2021

Afghans make a run for the border as Taliban promise ‘all-inclusive’ govt ‘within 2 weeks’

31 Aug 2021

Japan to relocate its Kabul embassy to Qatar

31 Aug 2021

Global coalition pledges to keep fighting Daesh after Kabul attack

29 Aug 2021

US drone strike destroys Daesh car bomb in Kabul

29 Aug 2021

US warns of ‘specific, credible threat’ near Kabul airport

29 Aug 2021

US in final phase of evacuations from Kabul, Taliban says ready to take over airport

29 Aug 2021

US drone strike kills 2 Daesh members in Afghanistan

28 Aug 2021

Anti-Taliban resistance building up despite chaos in Kabul

28 Aug 2021

One Japanese national evacuated from Afghanistan

28 Aug 2021

Erdogan weighing risks of Kabul airport deployment amid Turkey-Taliban talks

28 Aug 2021

Japan condemns ‘atrocious terrorist attack’ on Kabul airport

27 Aug 2021

Afghan fiasco will have repercussions in Iraq and beyond

27 Aug 2021

Biden warns Kabul airport attackers: ‘We will hunt you down’

27 Aug 2021

Saudi Arabia condemns attack on Kabul airport

22 Aug 2021

Five evacuation flights from Afghanistan carrying American citizens leave Kuwait for US

16 Aug 2021

Saudi Arabia evacuates embassy staff in Kabul

16 Aug 2021

Taliban take control of Kabul, storm presidential palace

20 Jul 2021

Erdogan says Turkey can run Kabul airport if US meets conditions

10 May 2021

Japan condemns the terrorist attacks in Afghanistan

24 Jan 2021

Kabul hails Biden plan to review Taliban deal

20 Nov 2020

Japan condemns terror attacks in Afghanistan, confirms good ties with Kabul

07 Dec 2019

Japanese doctor's family to bring body home from Afghanistan


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