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17 Aug 2023

North Korea prepares for military actions in protest of US, South Korea, Japan summit - South Korea

25 Jul 2023

North Korea fires two ballistic missiles toward Sea of Japan

01 Apr 2023

Japan promoting missile deployment on Nansei Islands

19 Feb 2023

Japan, US conduct aerial drill after N. Korean missile launch

19 Feb 2023

Kishida visits western Japan town for child policy hints

19 Feb 2023

Japan, China to hold security talks next week, Japan foreign minister says

18 Feb 2023

Kishida condemns N. Korea's missile launch

24 Nov 2022

Japan cannot accept North Korea becoming a nuclear state: Hayashi

19 Nov 2022

N. Korean news agency reports test-firing of new-type ICBM fri.

04 Nov 2022

UK's Rishi Sunak, Japanese PM Kishida condemn N. Korean missile launches

09 Oct 2022

North Korea fires ballistic missile, Japan coast guard says

04 Oct 2022

Japan, U.S., S. Korea discuss "robust" responses to missile launch

14 May 2022

Biden signals stronger Ankara ties with push to ‘green light’ missile sales

11 Mar 2022

Japan to consider sanctions on North Korea over missile launches

05 Feb 2022

9 countries condemn North Korea's medium-range missile launch

01 Feb 2022

Hayashi, Emanuel agree to work on deepening Japan-US ties

01 Feb 2022

Saudi Arabia, international community condemn Houthi missile attack on UAE

19 Nov 2021

Russian anti-satellite test ‘irresponsible behavior’: Japan

26 Sep 2021

Arab coalition destroys Houthi ballistic missile launched toward Najran

17 Apr 2021

Arab coalition destroys Houthi ballistic missile fired toward Jazan

25 Mar 2021

N.Korea missile test casts shadow over Biden administration, Japan Olympics

24 Mar 2021

Japan to collect information on N. Korea missile test

16 Mar 2021

Iran boasts of Revolutionary Guards ‘missile city’ base

21 Feb 2021

Greek FM to discuss military ties with Saudi Arabia

15 Feb 2021

Iran’s army test fires short-range ‘smart’ missile

23 Jan 2021

Saudi TV says missile or drone intercepted over Riyadh

02 Jan 2021

Saudi Arabia backs repair work to Aden airport after deadly missile attack

25 Sep 2020

Japan eyes three options for new missile defense system

22 Aug 2020

Kono, US commander affirm missile defense cooperation

30 Jul 2020

N. Korea fired cruise missile toward Sea of Japan in early July: media

19 Jun 2020

US to continue missile defense talks with Japan

28 May 2020

Pentagon confirms its ‘long-term’ commitment with Saudi Arabia

21 Feb 2020

Saudi air defense forces intercept Houthi ballistic missiles

14 Feb 2020

Israeli missile attack on Syria kills 7 fighters

11 Feb 2020

More than 100 US soldiers suffer brain injury after Iran attacks on US bases in Iraq

04 Feb 2020

Greece to send Patriot missiles to Saudi Arabia: official

17 Jan 2020

Eleven US troops injured in recent Iran missile attack in Iraq

10 Jan 2020

Iran denies missile downed plane, calls for data

09 Jan 2020

Trump: Iran 'appears to be standing down' after missile attacks

18 Dec 2019

Japan, U.S. affirm cooperation with S. Korea on North


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