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22 May 2024

Is Israel’s Netanyahu pursuing perpetual war in Gaza to save his political skin?

18 May 2024

Biden-Netanyahu standoff complicates the Gaza conflict

16 May 2024

Israeli defense chief challenges Netanyahu over post-war Gaza plans

16 May 2024

Netanyahu says he hopes Israel can get aid, overcome US disagreements

06 May 2024

Hamas, Israel entrench Gaza truce positions as latest Cairo talks end

04 May 2024

Hamas ‘only thing standing between the people of Gaza and a ceasefire’: Blinken

04 May 2024

Hamas says Israeli PM trying to derail Gaza truce deal

22 Apr 2024

Israeli PM Netanyahu says he will fight any sanctions on army battalions

15 Apr 2024

Netanyahu rival Lapid says Israel lost ‘deterrence’ against Iran

13 Apr 2024

Missing Israeli teen found ‘murdered’ in West Bank: Netanyahu

11 Apr 2024

Netanyahu ‘one of the most destructive public servants’ of last quarter century: US senator

11 Apr 2024

Netanyahu says Israel preparing for scenarios in other areas than Gaza

28 Mar 2024

Netanyahu says Hamas should understand international pressure on Israel will not work

26 Mar 2024

Beyond the Gaza war: Israel cannot be the exception anymore

24 Mar 2024

Netanyahu’s Israel is fast losing its American friends

18 Mar 2024

Israeli PM adamant on invading Rafah despite world pressure

18 Mar 2024

Netanyahu snaps back against growing US criticism after being accused of losing his way on Gaza

11 Mar 2024

Netanyahu says at least 13,000 ‘terrorists’ among Palestinians killed

20 Feb 2024

Qatar criticizes Israel’s Netanyahu over pressure on Hamas to release hostages

19 Feb 2024

Netanyahu slams Brazilian president’s comparison of Gaza war to the Holocaust

06 Feb 2024

Israeli settler violence ‘must stop’: French FM

31 Jan 2024

Israel: Won’t withdraw from Gaza, free thousands of security prisoners

24 Jan 2024

Netanyahu aiming to destroy all paths to a Palestinian state

19 Jan 2024

Netanyahu says he told the US that he opposes a Palestinian state in any postwar scenario

13 Dec 2023

Netanyahu must not be allowed a war with Hezbollah

05 Dec 2023

Netanyahu graft trial resumes in Israel in midst of Gaza war

29 Sep 2023

Israel’s top court weighs rules on removing prime minister

10 Sep 2023

Israelis protest ahead of court hearing on legal reforms

03 Sep 2023

Netanyahu demands Eritrean migrants in violent Tel Aviv clash to be deported immediately

26 Jun 2023

Netanyahu’s call to block creation of Palestinian state sparks fury, condemnation

11 Apr 2023

Israel’s Netanyahu vows to restore security as violence surges

05 Apr 2023

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is now more dangerous than ever

30 Mar 2023

Israel at a crossroads as Netanyahu forced to wait

29 Mar 2023

Israel parties discuss justice reforms after Netanyahu U-turn

29 Mar 2023

Biden urges Netanyahu abandon judicial overhaul that sparked protests

27 Mar 2023

Protests erupt after Israel’s Netanyahu fires defense minister Yoav Gallant

26 Mar 2023

Israeli group asks court to punish Netanyahu over legal plan

05 Mar 2023

Netanyahu rebuffs IAEA chief’s remarks against possible attack on Iran

20 Feb 2023

‘Pump the brakes’, US envoy tells Benjamin Netanyahu on judicial changes

02 Feb 2023

Netanyahu in Paris to press Macron on Iran

25 Jan 2023

Netanyahu bows to Jordan’s red lines — for now

25 Jan 2023

Jordan stresses importance of respecting status quo in Al-Aqsa Mosque during Netanyahu meeting

04 Jan 2023

New divisions in Israeli society may benefit the Palestinians

14 Feb 2022

Lawyers in Netanyahu trial say no illegal phone taps found

05 Nov 2021

Netanyahu’s hopes for a comeback dim as Israel passes budget

14 Jun 2021

New Israeli government faces tension with Palestinians over Jerusalem

06 Jun 2021

What could be worse than Netanyahu? Meet Israel’s new prime minister

25 May 2021

Gaza violence and unrest at home raise specter of new Israel election

16 May 2021

Biden speaks to Netanyahu, Abbas after Israel flattens AP news office in Gaza

14 May 2021

Biden speaks to Netanyahu, hopes violence ending ‘sooner than later’

09 May 2021

Netanyahu says Israel firmly rejects pressure not to build in Jerusalem

05 May 2021

Netanyahu’s deadline to form government expires, rivals eyed

08 Apr 2021

Israel would reject Iran deal enabling nukes: Netanyahu

10 Mar 2021

Netanyahu to visit UAE on Thursday for the first time: report

18 Feb 2021

Biden makes first call to Israel’s Netanyahu after delay

17 Feb 2021

Biden's first call with leader in region will be with Israel's Netanyahu - White House

10 Feb 2021

After Blinken remarks, Netanyahu says Golan will always be Israel’s

08 Feb 2021

Benjamin Netanyahu’s corruption trial resumes weeks before Israel election

03 Feb 2021

Israel's Netanyahu plans brief UAE visit next week

16 Jan 2021

Netanyahu is the central issue in Israel’s elections — again

14 Jan 2021

Israel PM ‘driving a wedge between Arab Israelis’

10 Jan 2021

Israelis protest Netanyahu amid 3rd virus lockdown

30 Dec 2020

Netanyahu says he greeted released US spy Pollard at airport

27 Dec 2020

Protests keep up against Israeli PM as new election looms

23 Dec 2020

Israel to hold snap election, with Netanyahu facing new challenges

10 Dec 2020

Netanyahu: Israel's vaccination campaign to begin Dec. 27

03 Dec 2020

Suga confirms Japan's support of Middle East peace

24 Nov 2020

Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu says he will visit Bahrain soon

25 Aug 2020

Israel parliament postpones budget, avoiding another election

13 Aug 2020

Political novices drawn to rally against Netanyahu

09 Aug 2020

‘Your time is up’: Thousands protest against Netanyahu over economy, corruption allegations

26 Jul 2020

Israelis continue protests against Benjamin Netanyahu’s handling of coronavirus pandemic

24 Jul 2020

Israeli police use water cannons on protesters, arrest 55

18 Jun 2020

Netanyahu mulls two-phase West Bank annexation, newspaper says

03 May 2020

Thousands protest Israel coalition deal on eve of court date

01 May 2020

Arab League slams Israel’s West Bank annexation plans 'a new war crime'

21 Apr 2020

Israel's Netanyahu, Gantz agree emergency unity government

22 Mar 2020

How Israel can fight both the virus and Netanyahu

16 Mar 2020

Netanyahu challenger Gantz chosen to form new Israeli government

15 Mar 2020

Israel postpones Netanyahu graft trial by 2 months over virus

15 Mar 2020

Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel Netanyahu

12 Mar 2020

Arabs can dream of one day forming Israel’s government

02 Mar 2020

Turnout tops corruption as factor in Israel election

20 Feb 2020

Netanyahu announces thousands of new east Jerusalem settler homes

19 Feb 2020

Israel plans new east Jerusalem settlement

19 Feb 2020

Israeli PM Netanyahu’s trial to start March 17: ministry

14 Feb 2020

No plans for Saudi-Israel meeting: Foreign minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan

10 Feb 2020

Not so fast: US orders Netanyahu to delay annexation of West Bank land

04 Feb 2020

Israel says Netanyahu claims ‘normalization’ with Sudan’s leader

03 Feb 2020

Forget two states, Trump’s plan prescribes apartheid

30 Jan 2020

Thousands join Gaza protests against peace plan

29 Jan 2020

Trump plan calls for Palestinian state with capital in eastern Jerusalem

28 Jan 2020

Netanyahu formally indicted in court on corruption charges

28 Jan 2020

Israel should tread carefully when it comes to annexation

28 Jan 2020

Donald Trump to unveil Middle East peace plan that ‘makes sense for everybody’

27 Jan 2020

Trump’s deal takes a knife to Palestinian hopes for justice

19 Jan 2020

Why defeating Netanyahu is not just desirable, but essential

21 Dec 2019

International prosecutor from ICC preparing to open Palestine war crimes probe

05 Dec 2019

Targeting Palestinians Netanyahu’s only road to re-election

24 Nov 2019

Order Benjamin Netanyahu to step aside after indictment, watchdog asks Israel’s top court


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