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22 Dec 2023

Nuclear disarmament should be a worldwide priority

09 Dec 2023

Kishida vows to exercise leadership for nuke abolition

29 Nov 2023

Japan, Iran discuss disarmament, non-proliferation

07 Nov 2023

Japan dismisses threat of Israel nuking Gaza

03 Nov 2023

Japan condemns Russia’s reversal on nuclear testing

28 Sep 2023

North Korean leader urges greater nuclear weapons production in response to a 'new Cold War'

18 Feb 2023

Israel: ‘All possible means on the table’ to prevent Iran getting nuclear weapon

01 Nov 2022

North Korea says negotiations for nuclear disarmament ‘disappeared forever’

26 Sep 2022

Japan bans chemical weapons-related goods to Russia, concerned by nuke threats

26 Sep 2022

US warns of catastrophic consequences if Russia uses nuclear weapons in Ukraine

26 Aug 2022

With a nuclear umbrella, Iran ‘will pursue aggression against us with impunity,’ ex-Israeli PM Netanyahu tells Al Arabiya

09 Aug 2022

Japan should carry the banner against nuclear weapons: Nagasaki mayor

02 Aug 2022

Kishida presents Hiroshima Action Plan for Nuke-free world

04 May 2022

Washington faces a moment of reckoning as Iran nuclear talks reach an impasse

29 Mar 2022

Iran’s parallel economy gives it upper hand in nuclear talks

28 Feb 2022

Ukraine’s fate puts a big question mark over nuclear disarmament efforts

16 Feb 2022

Saudi Cabinet backs US efforts to stop Iran getting nuclear weapons

22 Jan 2022

Biden, Kishida talk China, nuclear weapons in first meeting

17 Dec 2021

Saudi FM reiterates need to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapon

29 Nov 2021

UK, Israel to work together to stop Iran gaining nuclear weapons

15 Jul 2021

Iran warns it can enrich uranium to nuclear weapons grade

15 Apr 2021

Saudi Arabia: Iran must be prevented from obtaining nuclear weapons

06 Aug 2020

Japan complicit in nuclear threat, ICAN chief says

05 Jul 2020

Khojir and Natanz explosions wreck Iran’s strategy of deception

16 Dec 2019

Japan committed to security after North Korea missile test claim

24 Nov 2019

Pope Francis calls for nuclear arms elimination in Nagasaki


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