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25 Aug 2021

Saudi Arabia ends ban on entry from 20 countries

15 Aug 2021

Abu Dhabi updates travel regulations for UAE citizens, residents and visitors

19 Jul 2021

Egypt seeks to restore passenger air traffic to pre-pandemic levels

04 Jul 2021

Saudi travelers rush to return home before flight ban

03 Jul 2021

Saudi Arabia bans travel to and from UAE, Ethiopia and Vietnam due to COVID-19

20 Jun 2021

Japanese travel journal faces the paperless reality of COVID-19

15 Jun 2021

Japan keeps goal to attract 60m visitors from abroad in 2030

25 May 2021

Japan says US travel warning for virus won't hurt Olympians

20 May 2021

Gulf tourists await possible easing of EU travel rules

18 May 2021

Saudi passengers flock to airports as foreign travel resumes

17 May 2021

Saudi authorities ready to receive passengers as travel ban ends

16 May 2021

Saudis pack their bags and prepare for bumpy takeoff

09 May 2021

Dubai hub private jet traffic quadruples as Gulf high fliers return to travel

03 May 2021

COVID-19 insurance for Saudis traveling abroad approved

27 Apr 2021

Japan National Tourism Organization to establish office in the UAE

27 Apr 2021

ANA to reduce domestic flights during Golden Week

22 Apr 2021

Saudi ban remains on 20 countries when flights resume on May 17

12 Apr 2021

Saudia airline getting ready to operate on May 17

19 Feb 2021

Chambers of Commerce in Japan thank government for easing entry restrictions

03 Feb 2021

Saudi Arabia suspends entry from 20 countries from Wednesday

30 Jan 2021

Saudi Arabia amends date of lifting travel suspension to May 17

20 Jan 2021

Foreign visitors to Japan at 22-year low in 2020 on coronavirus curbs

09 Jan 2021

Saudi Arabia to lift travel suspension from March 31

03 Jan 2021

Flights to Saudi Arabia resume as Kingdom ends temporary travel ban

26 Dec 2020

Japan to ban arrivals of foreigners from around world

26 Dec 2020

Japan to fully halt Go To Travel program from Monday

16 Dec 2020

46% in Saudi Arabia intend to travel overseas in 2021: survey

14 Dec 2020

Japan to suspend ‘Go To Travel’ program entirely

13 Dec 2020

Trips to Sapporo, Osaka to remain out of discount program

02 Dec 2020

Saudi interior ministry to announce date of lifting of travel restrictions

29 Nov 2020

Saudi Arabia ranked sixth for safest travel

22 Nov 2020

Number of expats continues to decrease in Oman

28 Oct 2020

Dubai airport prepares for ‘slow recovery’

27 Oct 2020

ANA Holdings braces for biggest-ever net loss of 510bn yen

08 Oct 2020

Japan to remove travel ban for 12 countries including China next month

05 Oct 2020

Japan, South Korea to resume business travel

04 Oct 2020

Tokyo to offer virtual travel experience

03 Oct 2020

Japan to double airport coronavirus checks to 20,000 daily

23 Sep 2020

Japan to further ease COVID-19 entry curbs but not for tourists

18 Sep 2020

What you need to know about travel guidelines in Saudi Arabia

14 Sep 2020

Saudi Arabia to ease COVID-19 international travel restrictions on Tuesday

10 Sep 2020

Decision to resume international flights based on virus spread: Saudi minister

07 Sep 2020

Israeli carrier Israir books commercial flight slots to UAE

02 Sep 2020

JAL to fly sightseeing flight with unused plane

21 Aug 2020

Japan to ease re-entry restrictions on foreigners with resident visas

12 Aug 2020

Notice setting date for Saudi international flights ‘bogus’

10 Aug 2020

Coronavirus pandemic creating online travel boom in Japan

09 Aug 2020

Japanese governors seek careful talks over summer trips

23 Jul 2020

Travellers arriving at UAE airports will be required to undergo PCR testing for COVID-19

20 Jul 2020

Government compensation for travel cancellations


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