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28 Feb 2024

Biden, Trump, and Gaza dynamic

04 Aug 2023

Trump pleads not guilty to charges he tried to overturn election loss

16 Nov 2022

Trump launches 2024 White House bid

15 Jul 2022

Trump among targets for assassination by Iran: US intelligence

30 Jun 2022

America’s watery Indo-Pacific alphabet soup

11 Mar 2022

Trump-era settlement growth proceeds in his absence

12 May 2021

Only US intervention can halt Israel’s Jerusalem onslaught

17 Mar 2021

US report says Russia, Iran and Hezbollah meddled in 2020 election

02 Feb 2021

UAE confident F-35 jets sale will go through, says ambassador

25 Jan 2021

UAE cabinet approves opening of embassy in Tel Aviv

23 Jan 2021

Twitter suspends Khamenei account after posting Trump-like golfer ‘revenge’ image

20 Jan 2021

Trump grants Bahrain’s King Hamad top honor on last day in office

15 Jan 2021

Japan watching Trump situation, Foreign Minister says

14 Jan 2021

Majority of US House votes to impeach Trump for second time

10 Jan 2021

Top Republican says Trump committed ‘impeachable offenses’

09 Jan 2021

Donald Trump facing misconduct charges leading to second impeachment

08 Jan 2021

Trump finally concedes — amid talk of ouster from office

07 Jan 2021

Former allies turn against Trump as violent mob storm US Capitol

07 Jan 2021

Reaction from leaders pours in after mob breaks into Capitol

03 Jan 2021

Who is being encircled or 'contained' in Asia - China or the US?

30 Dec 2020

Gulf’s 2021 recovery hangs on COVID-19, Iran uncertainties

11 Dec 2020

Trump announces Israel-Morocco to normalize relations

11 Nov 2020

Japanese company busy making Joe Biden rubber masks

11 Nov 2020

US imposes Iran-related sanctions on individuals, companies

10 Nov 2020

Pfizer says COVID-19 vaccine is looking 90% effective

09 Nov 2020

Biden, pledging unity, begins transition as Trump refuses to concede

04 Nov 2020

Suga ready to build ties with US president, Trump or Biden

03 Nov 2020

America decides: Trump and Biden hold final rallies in key swing states

08 Oct 2020

Two-state solution, Mideast peace at stake in US election: Activists

25 Sep 2020

Suga and Xi agree to pursue high-level contacts in first talks

23 Sep 2020

UN General Assembly: Trump says Abraham Accords brought optimism to Middle East

21 Sep 2020

Suga, Trump agree to work together to develop Japan-US alliance

16 Sep 2020

White House says Trump looks forward to working with Japan's Suga

15 Sep 2020

Trump vows ‘1,000 times greater’ response to any Iran attack

12 Sep 2020

Bahrain agrees to normalize relations with Israel

09 Sep 2020

Trump to host UAE-Israel deal-signing ceremony on Sept 15

21 Aug 2020

Iraq open for US business says PM as Trump mulls oil prospects, troop numbers

13 Aug 2020

World reacts to UAE's opening diplomatic ties with Israel

13 Aug 2020

Full text of joint statement on UAE and Israel normalizing ties

13 Aug 2020

Extensive coverage in Japanese media of UAE-Israel agreement

05 Aug 2020

Trump claims Beirut port explosion could be 'attack': Japan media

22 Jul 2020

Higher risk of US withdrawal from Japan if Trump re-elected

17 Jun 2020

US hits Syria with toughest sanctions yet to push Assad to end war

23 Apr 2020

Tokyo stocks rebound on Wall Street comeback

23 Apr 2020

Pompeo warns Iran, comments on combating coronavirus, oil market stability and China

10 Apr 2020

King Salman in call with Trump, Putin on oil stability

03 Apr 2020

Trump mulls entry ban on Japan

24 Mar 2020

Abe to hold phone talks with Trump, join G-20 teleconference

22 Mar 2020

Abe to make decision on Tokyo Olympics soon: Trump

04 Mar 2020

Trump suggests tighter travel restriction on Japan

01 Mar 2020

US may be considering banning entry from Japan, S. Korea

20 Feb 2020

Pompeo arrives in Saudi Arabia for talks on Iran

16 Feb 2020

Ivanka Trump in Dubai for Global Women’s Forum

14 Feb 2020

Japan not exempt from tougher U.S. investment regulations

12 Feb 2020

Trump deal makes 'Swiss cheese' of Palestinian territory, Abbas tells UN Security Council

10 Feb 2020

Not so fast: US orders Netanyahu to delay annexation of West Bank land

07 Feb 2020

Three Palestinians killed in new clashes with Israeli forces

06 Feb 2020

Palestinian killed in clashes as tensions rise over US plan

05 Feb 2020

Inclusive negotiations must emerge from one-sided Trump plan

04 Feb 2020

EU rejects Trump Mideast plan amid annexation concerns

04 Feb 2020

Muslim nations reject Trump's Mideast plan in Saudi meeting

03 Feb 2020

Forget two states, Trump’s plan prescribes apartheid

30 Jan 2020

Netanyahu to Putin: Trump’s Middle East peace plan a ‘new opportunity’

29 Jan 2020

Trump plan calls for Palestinian state with capital in eastern Jerusalem

29 Jan 2020

Palestinian leader roundly rejects Trump peace plan

28 Jan 2020

Hamas to join Palestinian leadership meeting against Trump plan

28 Jan 2020

Israel should tread carefully when it comes to annexation

28 Jan 2020

Palestinians call on world to reject Trump peace plan

28 Jan 2020

Donald Trump to unveil Middle East peace plan that ‘makes sense for everybody’

27 Jan 2020

Trump’s deal takes a knife to Palestinian hopes for justice

19 Jan 2020

Japan has concern about Trump 60 years after security treaty signing

14 Jan 2020

US warns vessels transiting Gulf amid tensions with Iran

09 Jan 2020

Iran sends mixed signals as tensions with US ease

07 Jan 2020

Daring US interventions increase chances of Iran talks

06 Jan 2020

Trump must plot a course between instinct and strategy

05 Jan 2020

Soleimani’s body arrives in Iran as Trump issues new threats

04 Jan 2020

Soleimani should have been taken out years ago, says Trump

31 Dec 2019

The long fight against Daesh

03 Dec 2019

Iran proposes Rouhani's visit to Japan amid nuclear impasse – Kyodo

03 Dec 2019

Trump administration lifts hold on Lebanon security aid

01 Dec 2019

Trump offers condolences over death of Nakasone

29 Nov 2019

Will Trump get China deal for Christmas?

21 Nov 2019

Syrian outlook uncertain despite Erdogan’s US triumph

21 Nov 2019

New US policy on Israel’s settlements changes nothing

21 Nov 2019

Gulf countries reject US position on Israeli settlements, Arab League calls emergency meeting

19 Nov 2019

California to stop buying Toyota vehicles over fuel standards

28 Oct 2019

Al-Baghdadi’s death calms ‘rage and fire’ inside terror survivors

19 Sep 2019

Trump must outline Iranian threat during UN address

12 Nov 2018

Trump should be judged on results, not style


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