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23 Apr 2024

UAE weather storm could impact Japan, TV station reports

22 Apr 2024

Japan to put special alert system for heatstroke in place on Wed.

06 Feb 2024

Snow hits Tokyo, many other areas

03 Oct 2023

Japan sees hottest September since records began

01 Sep 2023

Japan's 2023 summer hottest on record: weather agency

11 Aug 2023

Typhoon No. 7 forecast to cause heavy storms in Japan from Mon.

03 Aug 2023

In southern Japan, Typhoon Khanun kills 2, cuts power to 166,000 homes

06 Jul 2023

July 5 set an unofficial record for the hottest day on Earth

04 Jul 2023

World hits record land, sea temperatures as climate change fuels 2023 extremes

25 Jan 2023

One dead as heavy snow and record cold hit Japan

25 Nov 2022

Two dead, Jeddah schools and universities close due to weather conditions

05 Sep 2022

Flights cancelled, some production suspended in Japan as storm nears

19 Aug 2022

What increasingly hot and dusty Middle East summers mean for public health, productivity and energy demand

11 Jul 2022

Japan weather bureau ups to 60% the chance of La Nina continuing through end-autumn

30 Jun 2022

As Tokyo's June flames out in record heatwave, a power plant shutdown stokes blackout concern

28 Jun 2022

Tokyo June heatwave worst since 1875 as power supply creaks under strain

24 May 2022

More hardship as new sandstorm engulfs parts of Middle East

25 Jan 2022

‘Horror scenes’ in Syrian refugee camps amid ‘extremely cold winter’: UN official

27 Dec 2021

Sea of Japan areas hit by heavy snow

10 Nov 2021

Japan weather bureau says La Nina phenomenon now in effect

02 Oct 2021

Oman and UAE brace for tropical cyclone Shaheen

26 Jul 2021

Typhoon Nepartak likely to strike Northeastern Japan

25 Jul 2021

IOC to back Games schedule changes due to heat if needed

06 Jul 2021

29 still missing after central Japan mudslide

18 Feb 2021

Heavy snowfall, gales as winter storm hits Middle East

31 Jan 2021

Saudi Arabia’s Jabal Al-Lawz blanketed in snow

12 Oct 2020

The underground 'Parthenon' protecting Tokyo from floods

11 Oct 2020

Special heavy rain warnings issued for 2 Tokyo islands

24 Aug 2020

UN warns of new Yemen disaster as flood death toll rises to 148

18 Jul 2020

2,000 people at shelters 2 weeks after downpours in Kumamoto

10 Jul 2020

Japan weather bureau reports possibility of El Nino not occurring through autumn

10 Jul 2020

Japan braces for more heavy rain as death toll rises to 66

10 Jul 2020

Over 2,000 staying at evacuation shelters in Kumamoto

09 Jul 2020

Japan rescuers battle to reach thousands trapped by floods

08 Jul 2020

Japan battered by more heavy rain, floods, nearly 60 dead

04 Jun 2020

Asia’s storm season threatens parked aircraft


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