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29 Oct 2023

Lebanon court orders ex-car boss Ghosn out of Beirut home: official

30 Sep 2023

Carlos Ghosn ‘betrayed’ me, says US man who helped ex-Nissan boss flee Japan

21 Sep 2023

No-show by Nissan executives in Carlos Ghosn hearing

19 Sep 2023

Trial against Nissan starts in Lebanon

20 Aug 2023

Japan tortured me and America did nothing, says Carlos Ghosn accomplice Michael Taylor

18 Jul 2023

Ex-Nissan CEO Ghosn not looking to enter politics in Lebanon

15 Jul 2023

Ghosn to reveal details of $1 billion lawsuit against Nissan

19 Jun 2023

Auto tycoon Ghosn denies payments to former French Cabinet minister

09 Nov 2022

Nissan hikes forecasts on weak yen despite falling unit sales

21 May 2022

Lebanon unlikely to comply with Interpol request to hand Carlos Ghosn over to French authorities

28 Apr 2022

Japanese justice minister declines to comment on French decision to extradite Ghosn

23 Apr 2022

Former Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn: ‘Am I guilty or innocent? Let’s finish this ordeal’

22 Apr 2022

Former car executive Ghosn unlikely to be extradited from Lebanon despite France's international warrant

11 Mar 2022

Swiss court rejects bid to cloak accounts in Ghosn probe

10 Mar 2022

Americans in Japanese prison in Ghosn escape seek to go home

03 Mar 2022

Former Nissan executive Kelly to appeal conviction and sentence

08 Dec 2021

Nissan says phasing out gas-powered cars depends on customer demand

07 Dec 2021

Ghosn says his case will not affect Japan-Lebanon relations

27 Oct 2021

Defense says American charged in Ghosn pay case not involved

22 Oct 2021

Nissan ex-chair Ghosn set on restoring reputation

21 Oct 2021

Ex-US envoy criticizes Japan's justice system over Ghosn case

19 Aug 2021

Ex-Nissan exec Kelly wants boardroom, not criminal trial

19 Jul 2021

Frankly Speaking: Fugitive motor mogul Carlos Ghosn ready to stand trial in ‘a fair and neutral jurisdiction’

19 Jul 2021

Japan court sentences US pair to 20 and 24 months over Ghosn escape

14 Jul 2021

Ghosn recalls ‘longest wait’ in box waiting to flee Japan: BBC

13 Jul 2021

Ex-Renault boss Ghosn rejects blame in Dieselgate probe

07 Jul 2021

Nissan CEO tells Tokyo court Carlos Ghosn had too much power

02 Jul 2021

Japan prosecutors seek nearly 3 years jail for Ghosn escape accomplices

29 Jun 2021

American tells Tokyo court he regrets helping Ghosn flee Japan

18 Jun 2021

Interview: Carlos Ghosn on the dark side of Japan, life in Lebanon and his upcoming documentary

15 Jun 2021

Carlos Ghosn pledges lengthy fight to clear his name

14 Jun 2021

US father-son duo admit helping ex-Nissan chief Ghosn flee Japan

13 Jun 2021

First look: the shocking details behind MBC’s explosive Carlos Ghosn documentary

05 Jun 2021

Carlos Ghosn’s lawyers say part of French file should be ‘null and void’

31 May 2021

French investigators probe ex auto chief Ghosn in Lebanon

26 May 2021

Ghosn gives witness testimony to French investigators

26 May 2021

Defiant Ghosn pins hopes on French probes to clear his name

20 May 2021

Dutch court orders Ghosn to repay nearly 5 mn euros in wages

12 May 2021

Kelly tells Japan court he worked for Nissan's interests

11 May 2021

Japan prosecutors say Ghosn said Nissan pay plan was not set

28 Apr 2021

Japan trial of alleged Ghosn escape accomplices set for June

25 Apr 2021

French judicial delegation postpones visit to Beirut to hear Carlos Ghosn

26 Mar 2021

Nissan-Renault rift at center of Japanese trial of American

22 Mar 2021

Two Americans accused of aiding Ghosn escape indicted in Japan: prosecutors

03 Mar 2021

Japanese prosecutors aim to solve mysteries in Ghosn escape

02 Mar 2021

US men accused of helping Ghosn escape arrive in Japan

24 Feb 2021

Turkey sentences three to jail over Ghosn escape from Japan

24 Feb 2021

Nissan ex-CEO tells Japanese court Ghosn's pay was too low

18 Feb 2021

Men charged in Ghosn escape plot ask US State Department to halt extradition: letter

14 Feb 2021

US Supreme Court rejects bid by Ghosn's accused escape plotters to avoid extradition

13 Feb 2021

Carlos Ghosn's accused escape plotters ask US Supreme Court to delay extradition to Japan

29 Jan 2021

US judge allows extradition of two men accused of aiding ex-Nissan boss' escape

20 Jan 2021

Seven Turks face trial in Ghosn escape case

13 Jan 2021

Ghosn meeting with French investigators postponed: lawyers

12 Jan 2021

Ex-Nissan exec says automaker sought to hide Ghosn's pay

06 Jan 2021

Carlos Ghosn says peace with Israel is needed to drive investment in the Middle East

05 Jan 2021

Carlos Ghosn asks why Japanese don't question him in Lebanon

28 Dec 2020

Ghosn case haunts Japan a year after shock escape

27 Dec 2020

French investigators to question Carlos Ghosn in Lebanon

26 Dec 2020

Lebanon awaiting legal documents from Japan regarding Ghosn: Kyodo

23 Dec 2020

A new female witness questioned in Greg Kelly trial

18 Dec 2020

Court keeps travel ban for pilots charged over Ghosn escape

24 Nov 2020

Japan protests UN Group's criticism over Ghosn's detention

23 Nov 2020

Rights experts: Japan was wrong to detain Carlos Ghosn

13 Nov 2020

Nissan’s $95 million suit against Ghosn begins in Japan

12 Nov 2020

Japanese automaker Nissan suffers big loss amid pandemic, scandal

11 Nov 2020

Defense begins questioning in Japan trial over Ghosn's pay

10 Nov 2020

Carlos Ghosn: 'The truth always triumphs in the end'

06 Nov 2020

Carlos Ghosn's accused escape plotters face skeptical US judge in extradition fight

04 Nov 2020

Lebanon decides not to charge Ghosn over Israel trip

31 Oct 2020

Prosecution finishes questioning star witness in Greg Kelly trial

30 Oct 2020

US judge delays extradition of Carlos Ghosn's accused escape plotters to Japan

29 Oct 2020

Ex-Nissan official denies catering to prosecutors over Ghosn affair

13 Oct 2020

The life of Ghosn: Fugitive tycoon to star in screen productions

30 Sep 2020

Ex-Nissan division head terms undisclosed pay to Ghosn questionable

30 Sep 2020

Carlos Ghosn brings executive training to troubled Lebanon

29 Sep 2020

Ghosn: 'Money is not the problem, trust is'

29 Sep 2020

Nissan employee testifies against American on trial in Japan

15 Sep 2020

Former Ghosn aide Greg Kelly pleads not guilty as trial opens

13 Sep 2020

Greg Kelly, former aide to Nissan's Ghosn, goes on trial

12 Sep 2020

Nissan to issue $8 billion in dollar-denominated debt

09 Sep 2020

Prosecutors to argue involvement of two Japanese in Ghosn pay scheme

05 Sep 2020

Judge OKs extradition for men accused of aiding Ghosn escape

05 Sep 2020

Scandal-tarnished Nissan shows off production innovation

29 Aug 2020

Ghosn's accused escape plotters face judge's skepticism in extradition fight

20 Aug 2020

Tax office confirms more Nissan funds used privately by Ghosn

08 Aug 2020

US judge denies bail to two men accused of aiding Ghosn escape

06 Aug 2020

Japanese expert: Beirut explosion could signal trouble for Ghosn

05 Aug 2020

Ghosn's house damaged in Beirut explosion

30 Jul 2020

First hearing for Nissan, Ghosn aid set for September

29 Jul 2020

Two nabbed in ex-Nissan boss' escape say they won't flee US

24 Jul 2020

US says son of ex-Nissan boss Ghosn made cryptocurrency payments for escape from Japan

20 Jul 2020

Ex-Nissan boss Ghosn says Renault/Nissan results 'pathetic'

17 Jul 2020

Carlos Ghosn’s daughter accused of helping her father flee Japan

14 Jul 2020

Japanese Justice Minister denies Ghosn’s claims "He had a translator"

14 Jul 2020

Accused Ghosn escape plotters too much flight risk for bail: US Judge

12 Jul 2020

Ex-Nissan boss Ghosn says helping everyone who stood by him

11 Jul 2020

No bail for 2 accused of helping ex-Nissan boss escape Japan

10 Jul 2020

US judge rejects immediate bail for accused Carlos Ghosn smugglers

08 Jul 2020

Ghosn wired money to man who helped him flee Japan, US says


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