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13 Oct 2020

The life of Ghosn: Fugitive tycoon to star in screen productions

30 Sep 2020

Ex-Nissan division head terms undisclosed pay to Ghosn questionable

30 Sep 2020

Carlos Ghosn brings executive training to troubled Lebanon

29 Sep 2020

Ghosn: 'Money is not the problem, trust is'

29 Sep 2020

Nissan employee testifies against American on trial in Japan

15 Sep 2020

Former Ghosn aide Greg Kelly pleads not guilty as trial opens

13 Sep 2020

Greg Kelly, former aide to Nissan's Ghosn, goes on trial

12 Sep 2020

Nissan to issue $8 billion in dollar-denominated debt

09 Sep 2020

Prosecutors to argue involvement of two Japanese in Ghosn pay scheme

05 Sep 2020

Judge OKs extradition for men accused of aiding Ghosn escape

05 Sep 2020

Scandal-tarnished Nissan shows off production innovation

29 Aug 2020

Ghosn's accused escape plotters face judge's skepticism in extradition fight

20 Aug 2020

Tax office confirms more Nissan funds used privately by Ghosn

08 Aug 2020

US judge denies bail to two men accused of aiding Ghosn escape

06 Aug 2020

Japanese expert: Beirut explosion could signal trouble for Ghosn

05 Aug 2020

Ghosn's house damaged in Beirut explosion

30 Jul 2020

First hearing for Nissan, Ghosn aid set for September

29 Jul 2020

Two nabbed in ex-Nissan boss' escape say they won't flee US

24 Jul 2020

US says son of ex-Nissan boss Ghosn made cryptocurrency payments for escape from Japan

20 Jul 2020

Ex-Nissan boss Ghosn says Renault/Nissan results 'pathetic'

17 Jul 2020

Carlos Ghosn’s daughter accused of helping her father flee Japan

14 Jul 2020

Japanese Justice Minister denies Ghosn’s claims "He had a translator"

14 Jul 2020

Accused Ghosn escape plotters too much flight risk for bail: US Judge

12 Jul 2020

Ex-Nissan boss Ghosn says helping everyone who stood by him

11 Jul 2020

No bail for 2 accused of helping ex-Nissan boss escape Japan

10 Jul 2020

US judge rejects immediate bail for accused Carlos Ghosn smugglers

08 Jul 2020

Ghosn wired money to man who helped him flee Japan, US says

04 Jul 2020

Turkish suspect tells court Ghosn mused on Hollywood movie of escape from Japan

04 Jul 2020

Five released after Turkey trial into Ghosn escape begins

03 Jul 2020

Japan asks US to extradite 2 men over Ghosn's escape

29 Jun 2020

Nissan denies corporate conspiracy to oust ex-chairman Ghosn

17 Jun 2020

US calls bid by men to avoid extradition over ex-Nissan boss Ghosn's escape 'flawed'

16 Jun 2020

Nissan Email chain sheds new light on the downfall of Carlos Ghosn

11 Jun 2020

Japan wants US to extradite Americans who helped Ghosn flee

09 Jun 2020

Men accused of helping ex-Nissan boss flee Japan challenge US extradition case

09 Jun 2020

Turkish judge rules to keep five suspects in jail over Ghosn escape

02 Jun 2020

Japan’s foreign minister distances himself from comments by Nissan's lawyer to Lebanon

01 Jun 2020

Arab News recording exposes Nissan lawyer’s lie

01 Jun 2020

Exclusive: Lebanese authorities may extradite Carlos Ghosn

27 May 2020

Renault and Nissan rebuild their alliance to ride out the coronavirus storm

25 May 2020

Ghosn hid in box which contained 70 ‘breathing holes’, says Turkey prosecutor

23 May 2020

Exclusive: Ghosn's early trial hopes quashed by COVID-19 pandemic

23 May 2020

Taylors face up to 4 years in prison over Ghosn escape

21 May 2020

Ex-Green Beret nabbed in Ghosn's escape has lived on the edge

21 May 2020

Japan 'closely communicating' with US after arrest of two men over Ghosn escape-source

20 May 2020

2 accused of smuggling ex-Nissan boss out of Japan in a box

16 May 2020

Turkish pilots, others, to stand trial on July 3 over Ghosn escape

08 May 2020

Turkey charges pilots, others, over ex-Nissan chief Ghosn’s escape

26 Apr 2020

Former Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn promises new revelations in an upcoming book

12 Mar 2020

Ghosn: Guilty until proven innocent under the Japanese justice system


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