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30 May 2024

Japan, China ruling parties agree to resume dialogue

29 May 2024

China’s Xi meets Egyptian leader El-Sisi in Beijing

29 May 2024

Kishida asks China official to lift fishery import ban

27 May 2024

North Korea condemns denuclearization discussion at South Korea-Japan-China summit

27 May 2024

Chinese govt ships seen near Senkakus for record days

27 May 2024

South Korea, China, Japan vow to ramp up cooperation in rare summit

27 May 2024

China to host Egypt’s El-Sisi, Arab leaders this week

27 May 2024

China’s premier hails ‘new beginning’ with US-allied South Korea, Japan

23 May 2024

Leaders of South Korea, China and Japan will meet next week for the first time since 2019

22 May 2024

Saudi Arabia, China explore private sector investment opportunities during Beijing meeting

22 May 2024

Bahrain’s king to visit Russia and China

22 May 2024

Japan protests China envoy's Taiwan-related remark

22 May 2024

China to continue to strengthen ties with Iran, state media says

21 May 2024

China rebukes South Korea, Japan lawmakers visiting Taiwan

20 May 2024

Regional-level exchanges active between Japan, China

20 May 2024

Saudi-Chinese financial ties to strengthen as top officials meet in Beijing

19 May 2024

Joint statement planned at Japan-China-S. Korea summit

17 May 2024

Japan protests China, Russia over treated water

13 May 2024

Saudi NHC teams up with Chinese firm to construct 20k residential units

06 May 2024

Saudi Arabia’s NHC signs deal with Chinese company to boost building materials supply

06 May 2024

Hong Kong, Chinese investors set eyes on Saudi market

05 May 2024

Japan, China, South Korea arranging summit for May 26-27

02 May 2024

Biden blames China, Japan and India's economic woes on 'xenophobia'

30 Apr 2024

Efforts to improve Japan-China ties stalled

29 Apr 2024

China to host 2025 Saudi Super Cup, attracting global football stars

29 Apr 2024

Japan's proposed export curbs will impact normal trade, China says

28 Apr 2024

Saudi Aramco and China’s Rongsheng explore JV in petrochemicals

23 Apr 2024

Saudi Aramco in talks to acquire 10% stake in China’s Hengli Petrochemical

18 Apr 2024

Japan 'two-faced' for seeking closer ties while warning of China threat, Chinese state media says

18 Apr 2024

Chinese businesses shown NEOM opportunities as ‘Discover’ tour hits Beijing, Shanghai

17 Apr 2024

New air route strengthening Saudi-China connectivity has inaugural flight

16 Apr 2024

Honda to launch next-generation EVs in China by 2027

12 Apr 2024

Biden assures ‘ironclad’ US defense support for the Philippines and Japan amid growing China provocations

12 Apr 2024

Beijing slams US-Japan-Philippines summit, says S. China Sea actions 'lawful'

10 Apr 2024

Japan-China forum held to discuss stable ties

09 Apr 2024

China Southern Airlines to operate regular flights to Riyadh

03 Apr 2024

Kishida, Prabowo agree to strengthen Japan-Indonesia ties

31 Mar 2024

Chinese ships stay in Japanese waters near Senkakus for 2 days

31 Mar 2024

Japan, China experts discuss Fukushima water release

26 Mar 2024

Saudi Aramco eyes strengthening cooperation with Chinese partners, CEO says

24 Mar 2024

Chinese-owned tanker hit by Houthi missile in Red Sea: CENTCOM

18 Mar 2024

Standard Chartered Bank aims to boost Saudi-China economic ties with strategic expansion

07 Mar 2024

China calls war in Gaza ‘a disgrace to civilization’

05 Mar 2024

Asian markets mostly down as China sets 5% growth goal

03 Mar 2024

N-Plant water release still overshadowing Japan-China ties

25 Feb 2024

Saudi civil aviation delegation visits Chinese aircraft manufacturing company, economic zone

24 Feb 2024

U.S. concerned about Nippon Steel's bases in China

23 Feb 2024

Japan, China held talks on Fukushima plant treated water in Jan.

23 Feb 2024

Saudi Arabia and China explore investment opportunities in civil aviation

19 Feb 2024

Saudi delegation explores strengthening aviation ties with Singapore, China, and US

15 Feb 2024

Alibaba plans to partner with local companies in Saudi Arabia, UAE

15 Feb 2024

Russia and China clash with US and UK at UN over attacks on Yemen rebels for strikes on Red Sea ships

01 Feb 2024

Who is winning the Gaza war? China

31 Jan 2024

Japan overtaken by China as world's top car exporter in 2023

26 Jan 2024

Chinese vice foreign minister visits North Korea in latest diplomacy between countries

26 Jan 2024

Japan, China hold 1st session of dialogue on export controls

22 Jan 2024

Landslide in mountainous southwestern China buries 47 people

18 Jan 2024

China's fishery product imports from Japan fall 40% in 2023

15 Jan 2024

Egypt, Chinese foreign ministers discuss Gaza crisis

12 Jan 2024

Chinese FM Wang Yi to visit Egypt, Tunisia as part of a four-country Africa tour

11 Jan 2024

China likely overtook Japan as no. 1 car exporter in 2023

09 Jan 2024

Saudi Arabia promotes its product safety standards in China, Japan, and S. Korea

21 Dec 2023

A dozen still missing after China’s earthquake, 137 dead

19 Dec 2023

Japan's new ambassador to China to seek release of detained Japanese nationals

15 Dec 2023

Chinese, Russian bombers jointly fly near Japan

28 Nov 2023

Abu Dhabi Festival unveils 2024 programme, portion of revenue to be donated to Gaza

27 Nov 2023

China’s top diplomat to visit UN for Israel-Hamas talks

27 Nov 2023

China says a surge in respiratory illnesses is caused by flu and other known pathogens

24 Nov 2023

Top Seoul, Tokyo, Beijing envoys to meet for first time since 2019

23 Nov 2023

Komeito's Yamaguchi, China's Wang agree to promote dialogue

23 Nov 2023

Japan's Kishida sends letter to China's Xi - NHK

21 Nov 2023

Saudi Arabia and China sign currency swap agreement worth $6.9bn

21 Nov 2023

Ministerial committee assigned by joint Islamic-Arab summit holds meeting with China vice president

17 Nov 2023

China tells Japan to reaffirm strategic relations in rare leader talks

15 Nov 2023

Kishida seeks to promote Japan-China economic exchanges

14 Nov 2023

Komeito leader announces China visit from Nov. 22

13 Nov 2023

Japan urges China to release national jailed on spy charges

09 Nov 2023

Kishida seen meeting with Xi on Nov. 16

01 Nov 2023

3 Chinese ships enter Japanese waters off Senkakus

30 Oct 2023

US military bulk buys Japanese seafood to counter China ban

23 Oct 2023

Japan, China mark 45th Anniversary of Peace Treaty

19 Oct 2023

China formally arrests Japanese man held since March for 'espionage': Japanese embassy

17 Oct 2023

2 Chinese coast guard ships stay in Japanese waters for 25 hours

16 Oct 2023

Russia joins China's restrictions on fish and seafood imports from Japan

11 Oct 2023

Japan to accept China, S. Korea experts for Fukushima water tests

11 Oct 2023

Over 90% of Japanese have negative image of China: survey

10 Oct 2023

IMF says global economy ‘limping along,’ cuts growth forecast for China, euro area

05 Oct 2023

Saudi deputy minister, Chinese ambassador discuss relations

04 Oct 2023

Japan hopes to resolve China's seafood ban over Fukushima's wastewater release within WTO's scope

03 Oct 2023

Schumer confirms U.S. Senate trip to China, Japan, South Korea

03 Oct 2023

Japan concerned about possible Russia ban on fishery products

28 Sep 2023

Japan's fishery exports to China tumble 70.8% in August

28 Sep 2023

Israel could make or break America’s trade plans to rival China

28 Sep 2023

China confirmed to be behind info theft cyberattacks: Japan

26 Sep 2023

Japan, China, S. Korea hold talks to realize 3-way summit

25 Sep 2023

Kuwait, China sign 7 agreements for major construction work

24 Sep 2023

China willing to work with South Korea ahead of summit with Japan

22 Sep 2023

China’s Xi meets Syria’s Assad, declares new ‘strategic partnership’

22 Sep 2023

US ambassador to Japan criticises China in speech and social media post

22 Sep 2023

Syria’s Assad steps out of diplomatic freeze with high-level China trip


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