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29 Nov 2022

Japan-China hotline seen going into operation next spring

27 Nov 2022

Young Japanese, Chinese watch World Cup match together

19 Nov 2022

Xi viewed as unexpectedly amicable at summit with Kishida

14 Nov 2022

Japan PM to meet China's Xi in Bangkok on Thursday

05 Nov 2022

Japan, US confirm cooperation to denuclearize North Korea

04 Nov 2022

Japan-US and South Korea summit eyed over North Korea

30 Oct 2022

Chinese journalist reports "inconvenient truths" from Japan

24 Oct 2022

Japan, China to explore possibility of dialogue

17 Oct 2022

Qatar to host 2023 Asian Cup football: AFC

03 Oct 2022

China govt ships sail in Japanese waters off Senkakus

29 Sep 2022

Leaders of China, Japan say it is important to develop ties

29 Sep 2022

Is it the end of Japan’s neutrality?

23 Sep 2022

China to send vice chairman of political advisory body to attend funeral of Japan's Abe

22 Sep 2022

50 years on: Taiwan clouds mood ahead of Japan-China anniv.

20 Sep 2022

Russia’s surging oil exports to China in Aug fail to keep Saudis down: data

05 Sep 2022

Kishida not planning to attend Japan-China anniversary event

01 Sep 2022

Russia launches war games with China, others

24 Aug 2022

Chinese retailer Miniso apologies for presenting itself as a Japanese brand

21 Aug 2022

Japan considers deploying long-range missiles to counter China

18 Aug 2022

China, Japan officials meet amid Taiwan tensions

16 Aug 2022

US, S. Korea, Japan hold missile defense exercise with eye on N. Korea, China

10 Aug 2022

New Kishida cabinet keeps facing test over China, S. Korea

07 Aug 2022

LDP lawmakers simulate Japan's response to Taiwan emergency

05 Aug 2022

US ambassador to Japan comments on China's ballistic missile launch

05 Aug 2022

Japan FM calls for 'immediate stop' to Chinese military drills around Taiwan

04 Aug 2022

Chinese missiles believed to have landed in Japan's EEZ: Defence minister

04 Aug 2022

China cancels bilateral meeting with Japan after G7 Taiwan statement

04 Aug 2022

G7 Foreign Ministers’ call on China to resolve dispute over Pelosi's visit to Taiwan peacefully

02 Aug 2022

Japan, China foreign chiefs to meet Thursday at earliest

22 Jul 2022

Japan wary of deeper China-Russia military cooperation

21 Jul 2022

Chinese navy ship enters Japanese waters for 6th time

13 Jul 2022

'Little chance' of Japan hosting 2023 Asian Cup: JFA

12 Jul 2022

North Asian refiners to receive full Saudi crude allocation in August

12 Jul 2022

Japan Foreign minister criticizes China for failing to comply with maritime ruling

24 Jun 2022

China, India lead Saudi Arabia’s merchandise trade in April: GASTAT data

21 Jun 2022

Honda to build new EV plant in China

21 Jun 2022

Saudi Arabia’s oil exports hit 25-month high in April: JODI

20 Jun 2022

China says it tested missile-interception system

18 Jun 2022

Japan protests to China over resource development in East China Sea

16 Jun 2022

Chinese destroyer on long-distance exercises in Sea of Japan

12 Jun 2022

Japan, China agree to boost defence dialogue

10 Jun 2022

Kishida pledges Indo-Pacific action plan by next spring

07 Jun 2022

China's top diplomat says new, old China-Japan problems intertwined

30 May 2022

Doubts raised over China's handling of Bachelet's visit: Matsuno

30 May 2022

UAE, China remain KSA’s top non-oil export destinations

26 May 2022

Japan, US fly fighters after China drill, N. Korean missiles

24 May 2022

Japan says it scrambled jets after Russian, Chinese warplanes neared airspace during Quad

21 May 2022

Japan spots China's new facility in East China Sea

12 May 2022

Japan, China, South Korea finance leaders warn of recovery risks

12 May 2022

Japan, Finland confirm unity in dealing with Russia


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