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28 Nov 2023

Abu Dhabi Festival unveils 2024 programme, portion of revenue to be donated to Gaza

27 Nov 2023

China’s top diplomat to visit UN for Israel-Hamas talks

27 Nov 2023

China says a surge in respiratory illnesses is caused by flu and other known pathogens

24 Nov 2023

Top Seoul, Tokyo, Beijing envoys to meet for first time since 2019

23 Nov 2023

Komeito's Yamaguchi, China's Wang agree to promote dialogue

23 Nov 2023

Japan's Kishida sends letter to China's Xi - NHK

21 Nov 2023

Saudi Arabia and China sign currency swap agreement worth $6.9bn

21 Nov 2023

Ministerial committee assigned by joint Islamic-Arab summit holds meeting with China vice president

17 Nov 2023

China tells Japan to reaffirm strategic relations in rare leader talks

15 Nov 2023

Kishida seeks to promote Japan-China economic exchanges

14 Nov 2023

Komeito leader announces China visit from Nov. 22

13 Nov 2023

Japan urges China to release national jailed on spy charges

09 Nov 2023

Kishida seen meeting with Xi on Nov. 16

01 Nov 2023

3 Chinese ships enter Japanese waters off Senkakus

30 Oct 2023

US military bulk buys Japanese seafood to counter China ban

23 Oct 2023

Japan, China mark 45th Anniversary of Peace Treaty

19 Oct 2023

China formally arrests Japanese man held since March for 'espionage': Japanese embassy

17 Oct 2023

2 Chinese coast guard ships stay in Japanese waters for 25 hours

16 Oct 2023

Russia joins China's restrictions on fish and seafood imports from Japan

11 Oct 2023

Japan to accept China, S. Korea experts for Fukushima water tests

11 Oct 2023

Over 90% of Japanese have negative image of China: survey

10 Oct 2023

IMF says global economy ‘limping along,’ cuts growth forecast for China, euro area

05 Oct 2023

Saudi deputy minister, Chinese ambassador discuss relations

04 Oct 2023

Japan hopes to resolve China's seafood ban over Fukushima's wastewater release within WTO's scope

03 Oct 2023

Schumer confirms U.S. Senate trip to China, Japan, South Korea

03 Oct 2023

Japan concerned about possible Russia ban on fishery products

28 Sep 2023

Japan's fishery exports to China tumble 70.8% in August

28 Sep 2023

Israel could make or break America’s trade plans to rival China

28 Sep 2023

China confirmed to be behind info theft cyberattacks: Japan

26 Sep 2023

Japan, China, S. Korea hold talks to realize 3-way summit

25 Sep 2023

Kuwait, China sign 7 agreements for major construction work

24 Sep 2023

China willing to work with South Korea ahead of summit with Japan

22 Sep 2023

China’s Xi meets Syria’s Assad, declares new ‘strategic partnership’

22 Sep 2023

US ambassador to Japan criticises China in speech and social media post

22 Sep 2023

Syria’s Assad steps out of diplomatic freeze with high-level China trip

20 Sep 2023

China likely to decide soon on arrest of detained Japanese

20 Sep 2023

Japan will ensure safety of Japanese nationals in China -govt spokesperson

19 Sep 2023

China's fishery imports from Japan plummet 70 pct in August

17 Sep 2023

Japan Defense Chief voices serious concern over China

16 Sep 2023

Saudi FM arrives in Cuba for G77 + China summit

14 Sep 2023

Japan, China, S. Korea to hold high-level talks this month

10 Sep 2023

South Korea's Yoon, Japan's Kishida to work on resuming 3-way summit with China-Yonhap

10 Sep 2023

In the shadow of conflict, Chinese and Japanese celebrate together in Tokyo

08 Sep 2023

Japan, China, S. Korea agree to promote cultural exchanges

06 Sep 2023

Japan PM speaks to China's Li about radioactive water release

02 Sep 2023

Japan rebuts China's criticism of Fukushima water release

28 Aug 2023

Japanese travelers to China urged to take precautions

27 Aug 2023

Japan reports wave of Chinese phone harassment after Fukushima discharge

26 Aug 2023

Komeito leader Yamaguchi postpones visit to China

26 Aug 2023

China bans food processing using Japanese fishery products

25 Aug 2023

Japan scrambles jets to monitor Chinese bombers near Okinawa, drone near Taiwan

21 Aug 2023

China investigates citizen accused of spying for CIA

18 Aug 2023

Japan scrambles jets to Russian spy planes in Sea of Japan, East China Sea

15 Aug 2023

How China can make a difference in Israel-Palestine conflict

11 Aug 2023

Former Japanese prime minister meets Chinese ambassador to commemorate treaty

10 Aug 2023

Kishida eyes meeting with Chinese Premier next month

10 Aug 2023

China to lift ban on group tours to Japan, others

09 Aug 2023

ACWA Power is the world’s largest water project developer outside of China: GWI

08 Aug 2023

Japan's Matsuno denies info leak over reported Chinese hacking

08 Aug 2023

China reached Japan's sensitive defense networks: US paper

05 Aug 2023

China joins Ukraine talks in Jeddah

01 Aug 2023

Japan, China clash over Fukushima water release plan

01 Aug 2023

Japanese eateries in China fear ruin as Fukushima water discharge looms

29 Jul 2023

10 China, Russia warships pass through Soya Strait

28 Jul 2023

Japan raises alarm over China's military, Russia ties and Taiwan tensions in new defense paper

25 Jul 2023

Japan, China, and South Korea are coordinating to hold a 3-way summit

24 Jul 2023

China, Russia finish joint military drills in sea of Japan

24 Jul 2023

How China became an ideal partner in the Middle East

23 Jul 2023

Japan gets down to evacuation of residents on remote islands

23 Jul 2023

Top Chinese diplomat proposes talks with Japan, South Korea

22 Jul 2023

Suspicion deepens as absence of China's foreign minister persists

21 Jul 2023

China to brief Japan, US, S. Korea on spy law

17 Jul 2023

Oil Updates — crude slides more than 1% as Chinese GDP dents demand hopes

04 Jul 2023

China’s top diplomat urges greater cooperation with Japan, South Korea

16 Jun 2023

Chinese premier meets with Palestinian president in effort to increase Middle East presence

14 Jun 2023

China inks ‘strategic partnership’ with Palestinan Authority as it expands Middle East presence

14 Jun 2023

Hayashi lauds China-mediated agreement between Saudi Arabia and Iran

13 Jun 2023

Palestinian President Abbas begins China visit as Beijing seeks larger role in Mideast

08 Jun 2023

Saudi Arabia makes final preparations for 10th Arab-China Business Conference

08 Jun 2023

Chinese, Russian bombers fly near Japan for 2nd straight day

29 May 2023

China and the West: Deadly enemies or prosperous allies?

24 May 2023

Former Malaysian PM Mahathir praises China for Saudi-Iran mediation

18 May 2023

China says Ukraine envoy met with Zelensky during talks in Kyiv

12 May 2023

China special envoy to visit Ukraine, Russia

10 May 2023

Mitsubishi Heavy expects record defence orders as Japan builds up its forces

08 May 2023

Mystery China spacecraft returns to Earth after 276 days

07 May 2023

Can China help to end the fighting in Sudan?

05 May 2023

Japan’s automakers have a made-in-China sales crisis

04 May 2023

China urges 'high vigilance' over NATO expansion in Asia

28 Apr 2023

China envoy warns Japan of working with U.S. on chip export curbs

27 Apr 2023

China sends navy to evacuate citizens in Sudan: defense ministry

26 Apr 2023

Japan anime 'First Slam Dunk' tops China Box Office

19 Apr 2023

China offers to facilitate Israel-Palestinian peace talks

18 Apr 2023

China says G7 communique grossly interfered with China's affairs

13 Apr 2023

SoftBank Group Moves to Sell Almost All Alibaba Shares: FT

13 Apr 2023

China concerned at Japan's plan to curb exports of chipmaking gear

11 Apr 2023

China says Japan hypes up so-called China threat - foreign ministry

11 Apr 2023

Tokyo urges Beijing to stop intrusions into Japanese waters

10 Apr 2023

US envoy to Japan slams China over economic coercion

10 Apr 2023

Japan following China's Taiwan drills with 'great interest'


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