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24 Jun 2022

China, India lead Saudi Arabia’s merchandise trade in April: GASTAT data

21 Jun 2022

Honda to build new EV plant in China

21 Jun 2022

Saudi Arabia’s oil exports hit 25-month high in April: JODI

20 Jun 2022

China says it tested missile-interception system

18 Jun 2022

Japan protests to China over resource development in East China Sea

16 Jun 2022

Chinese destroyer on long-distance exercises in Sea of Japan

12 Jun 2022

Japan, China agree to boost defence dialogue

10 Jun 2022

Kishida pledges Indo-Pacific action plan by next spring

07 Jun 2022

China's top diplomat says new, old China-Japan problems intertwined

30 May 2022

Doubts raised over China's handling of Bachelet's visit: Matsuno

30 May 2022

UAE, China remain KSA’s top non-oil export destinations

26 May 2022

Japan, US fly fighters after China drill, N. Korean missiles

24 May 2022

Japan says it scrambled jets after Russian, Chinese warplanes neared airspace during Quad

21 May 2022

Japan spots China's new facility in East China Sea

12 May 2022

Japan, China, South Korea finance leaders warn of recovery risks

12 May 2022

Japan, Finland confirm unity in dealing with Russia

05 May 2022

Chinese carrier-based aircraft seen flying off Okinawa

28 Apr 2022

Iran seeks to expand its military cooperation with China

16 Apr 2022

Chinese president lauds Saudi efforts to bring peace in Yemen during call with crown prince

12 Apr 2022

4 Chinese govt ships enter Japanese waters off Senkakus

01 Apr 2022

EU-China ties delicately poised ahead of summit

16 Mar 2022

4 Chinese government ships sail in Japanese waters off Senkakus

14 Mar 2022

Toyota suspends operations at plant in China

24 Feb 2022

Japan, China spar over Japan diplomat's detention in Beijing

23 Feb 2022

Japanese Embassy Diplomat in China detained temporarily

22 Feb 2022

Egypt produces 30m doses of Vaccera-Sinovac vaccine

06 Feb 2022

Abu Dhabi crown prince, Egyptian president meet China’s Xi Jinping in Beijing

04 Feb 2022

Saudi Arabia’s flag will be raised tomorrow as the only GCC member participating in 2022 Beijing Olympics

01 Feb 2022

Hayashi, Emanuel agree to work on deepening Japan-US ties

27 Jan 2022

Pandemic’s origins need to be fully investigated

27 Jan 2022

Prince Khalid bin Salman discusses cooperation with Chinese defense minister

20 Jan 2022

Japan, France seek to deepen security ties amid China's rise

10 Jan 2022

Saudi FM says he looks forward to consolidating partnership with China

09 Jan 2022

Egypt, Sinovac agree to speed up vaccine-production technology transfer

30 Dec 2021

Egypt working with China’s Sinovac to boost vaccine production in region

24 Dec 2021

Japan has 'no plans to send govt officials' to Beijing Olympics

23 Dec 2021

Japanese hospital director doubts Wuhan lab leaked coronavirus

19 Dec 2021

Dubai Expo hosts Sichuan Day amid growing UAE-China ties

08 Dec 2021

Giant panda Xiang Xiang to stay in Japan until June 2022

27 Nov 2021

Japan PM vows to step up defense amid China, NK threats

25 Nov 2021

Japan and Russia foreign ministers hold talks to resolve bilateral issues

22 Nov 2021

Japan Foreign Min. Hayashi invited to visit China

18 Nov 2021

Japan, China remain apart on Senkakus, human rights issues

17 Nov 2021

Biden, Xi discuss how to ‘align’ stances on Iran nuclear issue

13 Nov 2021

Japan foreign minister says Blinken gave US commitment to defend Japan

11 Nov 2021

Japan seeks good China ties, "responsible behaviour" - new minister

19 Oct 2021

Chinese and Russian warships shock Japan by passing through Tsugaru Straits

05 Oct 2021

New Japan PM Kishida affirms US alliance amid concern over China

03 Oct 2021

US-China rivalry forcing Arab Gulf states to make impossible choices, UAE’s Anwar Gargash tells World Policy Conference

29 Sep 2021

China wary of Kishida's possible hard-line approach


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