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05 Aug 2020

Japan's Honda sinks for quarter as pandemic crashes sales

03 Aug 2020

SoftBank's Z Holdings sees Line merger in March 2021

02 Aug 2020

Chinese Government ships leave waters near Senkakus after 111 days

29 Jul 2020

US says can help Japan monitor "unprecedented" Chinese incursion around disputed East China Sea islands

29 Jul 2020

Japan lawmakers to urge govt to put curbs on TikTok use

28 Jul 2020

Oil up on weak dollar though US-China tensions weigh

25 Jul 2020

China the biggest winner as Iran’s economy collapses

24 Jul 2020

Marine Corps eyes new missile unit in Okinawa by 2027

20 Jul 2020

China survey ship remains active near Japan's southernmost isle

19 Jul 2020

‘Axis of Evil’ asserts the right to pillage and burn

18 Jul 2020

Iran’s China gamble likely to end in tears

14 Jul 2020

Four Chinese Government ships enter Japanese waters near Senkaku

14 Jul 2020

Japan accuses China of pushing territorial claims during COVID-19 pandemic

11 Jul 2020

Honda invests in China to jointly develop EV batteries

11 Jul 2020

Anglosphere unites around anti-Chinese position on Huawei

11 Jul 2020

Louis Vuitton quits Paris to show in China and Japan

10 Jul 2020

Japan, US confirm cooperation over North Korea, China

07 Jul 2020

Japan's ruling party calls for government to cancel Xi visit

02 Jul 2020

Japan watching Hong Kong situation with 'great interest'

30 Jun 2020

Japan calls China's move on Hong Kong 'regrettable'

30 Jun 2020

China passes controversial Hong Kong security law

27 Jun 2020

Japan quietly takes lead in Asian pushback against China

24 Jun 2020

India is important participant in RCEP negotiations: Ministers

23 Jun 2020

Submarine spotted off Japanese Island belongs to China: Kono

23 Jun 2020

Japanese shares gain despite US-China trade deal mix-up

18 Jun 2020

G-7 foreign ministers express "grave concern" over Hong Kong

17 Jun 2020

Japan to keep close watch over disputed islands: Suga

11 Jun 2020

Japan, France confirm cooperation on Hong Kong through G7

10 Jun 2020

Japan wants to take lead for G7 statement on Hong Kong

09 Jun 2020

NATO urges allies to work more closely with Japan, others

09 Jun 2020

Japan wants manufacturing back from China

08 Jun 2020

Japan hopes to draft G7 formin statement on China security legislation on Hong Kong

08 Jun 2020

Japan's stance on Hong Kong praised by other G7 nations - Suga

07 Jun 2020

Japan declines to join US, others in condemning China for Hong Kong law-Kyodo

04 Jun 2020

Not ready to schedule Xi's visit to Japan: Suga

03 Jun 2020

Oil gains, with Brent above $40, as hopes rise for output cuts, recovery

03 Jun 2020

US, China and Hong Kong stand to lose out in latest tussle

02 Jun 2020

Is it China’s turn to wield influence over Lebanon?

02 Jun 2020

Japan puzzled by Trump's remarks on G-7 expansion

01 Jun 2020

The US is stronger with allies than without

01 Jun 2020

Jordan receives medical supplies from China worth $750,000

31 May 2020

Calm after the storm

30 May 2020

Japan's food exports to China grow in April

26 May 2020

Oil steadies as demand uncertainty tempers supply cuts

25 May 2020

A new oil price war is just a few dollars per barrel away

24 May 2020

Fully bringing supply chains to Japan hard: business leader

24 May 2020

Trump has had enough of Israel’s cozy ties with China

19 May 2020

New surge in oil price as demand bounces back

18 May 2020

Alibaba's Jack Ma quits board of Japan's struggling SoftBank

17 May 2020

Demand recovers

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