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27 Jun 2022

World needs to unite to fight desertification

05 May 2022

Sudan’s electric rickshaws cut costs, help environment

05 May 2022

How the Russia-Ukraine conflict put climate action and clean energy on the back burner

13 Apr 2022

UN wakes up to climate reality but future remains bleak

01 Mar 2022

Japan, Jordan seminar held on climate change and water issues

22 Feb 2022

El-Sisi holds talks with Kerry in Cairo on climate change

16 Jan 2022

The Swedish healthtech startup combating the health effects of climate change

16 Nov 2021

North African climate change threatens farming, political stability

15 Nov 2021

Nations agree deal setting rules for carbon markets

14 Nov 2021

COP26 agrees on phasing down coal power

04 Nov 2021

Saudi climate change chief: Deal ‘can be done’ to save the planet

02 Nov 2021

Tackling climate change important for growth: Bank of Japan

28 Oct 2021

Turkey’s Lake Tuz dries up due to climate change, farming

26 Oct 2021

Saudi Arabia launches two initiatives at cost of $10.4 billion to combat climate change: Crown Prince

25 Oct 2021

Saudi and US officials discuss climate change initiatives

20 Oct 2021

Route to net zero emissions will cost global economy $5tr annually: BofA

19 Oct 2021

Qatar forms climate change ministry, appoints finance minister

16 Oct 2021

Saudi envoy to UK details rapid modernization under crown prince

05 Sep 2021

Egypt signs cooperation deals with UN body on climate change, pest control

01 Sep 2021

HSBC Saudi Arabia launches first climate change fund

01 Sep 2021

Japan, USA to work with partners including G20 to face the climate change

01 Sep 2021

Tunisia plants seeds of hope against climate change

14 Aug 2021

Code red on climate change as warnings fall on deaf ears

11 Aug 2021

UN climate report strengthens case for wise management of Middle East groundwater reserves

30 Jul 2021

Saudi Arabia to use 4IR to transform energy sector, fight climate change

27 Jul 2021

How world can prepare for climate-fueled migration

25 Jul 2021

G20 fails to agree on climate target

07 Jul 2021

How Arab states are accelerating climate action in the run-up to COP26

17 Jun 2021

Saudi Arabia, US committed to addressing climate challenge with urgency: Joint statement

11 Jun 2021

Tokyo kids encourage members of parliament to protect earth

07 Jun 2021

KSA takes lead in $250bn climate change drive

25 Apr 2021

Focus on tech, finance key factors for US climate summit

24 Apr 2021

Honda to phase out gas-powered cars by 2040 in N. America

23 Apr 2021

King Salman calls for global approach to tackling climate change

20 Apr 2021

Saudi Arabia’s key role in fight against climate change

15 Apr 2021

Climate change mitigation: What Saudi Arabia and Japan can learn from one another

06 Apr 2021

Middle East climate leaders and global partners vow to step up climate action

05 Apr 2021

US climate change envoy visits UAE for regional dialogue conference

09 Feb 2021

Tokyo Metropolitan Government to host “TIME TO ACT” Climate Action Meeting

08 Feb 2021

Japan aims to boost ammonia fuel demand to 3 mln tonnes a year by 2030

28 Jan 2021

Saudi Arabia ‘leading the way’ in climate change fight

25 Jan 2021

Who will pay to "save the planet" and its inhabitants?

21 Jan 2021

Japan welcomes US return to the Paris Agreement 

28 Dec 2020

Biden has a "Climate Czar" - now we need financial system Czars

09 Dec 2020

What price the rescue of planet earth- And who will pay?

07 Oct 2020

BOJ Kuroda warns climate change among biggest challenges facing global economy

05 Aug 2020

Japan's climate change efforts hindered by biased business lobby

05 Jun 2020

World Environment Day: Coronavirus gives world the chance to contain climate change

30 Mar 2020

Japan submits updated emissions plan, leaving carbon target unchanged

23 Feb 2020

G20 agrees final communique with reference to climate change


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