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20 Apr 2024

Leading Japan lawmaker seeks Trump meeting during New York visit, NHK reports

01 Feb 2024

Trump says he would block Nippon Steel's acquisition of U.S. steel

22 Jan 2024

Trump cites atomic bombs on Japan to claim presidential immunity

26 Feb 2023

Iran still seeking to kill Donald Trump, general says

16 Feb 2021

Trump wanted to assassinate Assad: Ex-adviser

12 Feb 2021

Convict Trump or face dire democracy damage, prosecutors say

20 Jan 2021

Trump farewell speech highlights Iran campaign, Abraham Accords

25 Dec 2020

UN rights office slams Trump pardon of Blackwater guards

16 Dec 2020

Iran on edge in final weeks of Trump administration

06 Dec 2020

Trump falsely claims he won Georgia as he stumps for two Republican candidates

17 Nov 2020

Trump asked for options for attacking Iran last week, but held off: reports

08 Nov 2020

‘This isn’t over!’: Trump supporters refuse to accept defeat

06 Nov 2020

US election: a roller-coaster count for both the Trump and Biden camps

06 Nov 2020

Financial ‘fear gauge’ fluctuates wildly in volatile US

30 Oct 2020

‘The stock market, stupid’ — Trump’s claim is looking hollow

27 Oct 2020

Arabs overwhelmingly hope Biden parts ways with Obama legacy: poll

26 Oct 2020

Pan-Arab poll: Biden better for region, but must shun Obama policies

24 Oct 2020

US says Sudan to normalize ties with Israel, in new breakthrough for Trump

23 Oct 2020

Biden slams Trump friendship with ‘thug’ Kim

20 Oct 2020

Battleground states define presidential battle, not popular vote

20 Oct 2020

Donald Trump says Sudan will be removed from terrorism list

12 Oct 2020

Latest US sanctions are a logical step in Trump’s robust Iran policy, says expert

09 Oct 2020

US Treasury imposes sanctions on 18 major banks in Iran

06 Oct 2020

Suga expresses relief over Trump's release from hospital

02 Oct 2020

JGBs inch up as Trump virus news spurs risk aversion

01 Oct 2020

A fight for the last word: Japanese interpreters caught in the middle of US presidential debate

01 Oct 2020

‘Worst debate ever’ — US expats lament lack of substance in Trump-Biden bust-up

29 Aug 2020

Trump pays highest respect to Abe

26 Aug 2020

Trump plays a game in China financial war

16 Aug 2020

US bill introduced to strip Israel of funds over annexation

05 Jul 2020

Touch The Sky: Kanye West announces 2020 presidential run

01 Jun 2020

The US is stronger with allies than without

24 May 2020

Trump has had enough of Israel’s cozy ties with China

21 May 2020

June G7 summit may be held in person: Trump

08 May 2020

Abe, Trump agree to cooperate on steps to fight coronavirus

22 Apr 2020

Trump vows to rescue US oil amid further crude market turmoil

27 Feb 2020

Trump wants Tokyo Olympics to be held as scheduled

12 Feb 2020

Arabs and Muslims must stand up for Palestine

04 Feb 2020

Trump deal piles pressure on Palestinian leadership

01 Feb 2020

‘Palestinians have to work and fight together,’ Middle East’s elder statesman Lakhdar Brahimi tells Arab News

30 Jan 2020

Iran’s revenge might be to go nuclear

30 Jan 2020

Thousands join Gaza protests against peace plan

29 Jan 2020

Palestinians will lose out by rejecting peace talks

29 Jan 2020

Arab countries and world leaders react to Middle East peace plan

28 Jan 2020

Netanyahu formally indicted in court on corruption charges

23 Jan 2020

Successor to slain Iran general faces same fate if he kills Americans, say U.S. envoy

22 Jan 2020

Iraqi president Salih discusses foreign troops cut with Trump in Davos

10 Jan 2020

US officials believe Iran shot down Ukrainian plane

10 Jan 2020

Trump meets with Japanese, S. Korean officials

09 Jan 2020

Trump: Iran 'appears to be standing down' after missile attacks

08 Jan 2020

Saudi Arabia's Deputy Defense Minister Prince Khalid bin Salman meets Donald Trump in Washington

01 Jan 2020

US-China ‘Phase One’ trade deal to be signed Jan. 15

01 Jan 2020

North Korea ends test moratoriums, threatens 'new' weapon

22 Dec 2019

Abe, Trump reaffirm close cooperation over North Korea

21 Dec 2019

Iran’s disastrous year in political risk analysis

08 Dec 2019

Iranian and American freed in apparent prisoner swap

25 Sep 2019

Wanted: A new leader for the ‘free world’


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