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21 May 2024

Israel says retrieved bodies of hostages were in Gaza tunnels

21 May 2024

Biden: What’s happening in Gaza is not genocide

08 May 2024

Mediator Qatar urges international community to prevent Rafah ‘genocide’

01 May 2024

Turkiye to join South Africa’s genocide case against Israel at World Court, minister says

12 Apr 2024

More aid is supposed to be entering the Gaza Strip. Why isn’t it helping?

05 Apr 2024

US support to Israel war depends on ‘steps to protect civilians,’ says Biden

04 Apr 2024

In Gaza, world for first time sees genocide happening in real time, UN experts say

02 Apr 2024

How a ceasefire and unrestricted aid access could yet prevent a famine in north Gaza

31 Mar 2024

Jordan says Gaza ‘famine’ can be tackled quickly if Israel opens crossings

31 Mar 2024

Israeli judo athletes disrupt pro-Palestine demonstrations in Tokyo

26 Mar 2024

UN Security Council for first time demands ‘immediate’ ceasefire in Gaza

26 Mar 2024

Netanyahu cancels diplomats’ visit to Washington in protest over UN ceasefire vote

19 Mar 2024

Israel ‘deliberately’ blocking aid to Gaza: Oxfam

19 Mar 2024

Alarming UN report warns famine is imminent in northern Gaza

18 Mar 2024

Frankly Speaking: Did Oct. 7 attack expedite recognition of Palestine?

15 Mar 2024

El-Sisi: Egypt is striving to secure a ceasefire in Gaza

13 Mar 2024

Can food airdrops avert mass starvation in beleaguered Gaza?

11 Mar 2024

Foreigners harass lone Japanese man protesting against ‘Gaza genocide’

07 Mar 2024

As Gaza famine fears grow, South Africa calls on ICJ to strengthen steps it ordered Israel to take

07 Mar 2024

Israel’s ‘wholesale disregard’ for Gazans’ rights is on level unseen in recent history, says UN expert

06 Mar 2024

Hamas says it will continue negotiating for ceasefire as Ramadan nears

04 Mar 2024

We know Gaza is being ethnically cleansed, because Israel told us

29 Feb 2024

Japan NGO’s Peace Boat hoists banner calling for end to killing in Gaza

27 Feb 2024

McDonald's not sushi for Zuckerberg in Japan

26 Feb 2024

US airman sets himself on fire outside Israeli embassy in Washington

22 Feb 2024

Day 4 at ICJ hearing: Iran says Israel continues to violate Palestinians’ right to self-determination

22 Feb 2024

US urges UN court not to order Israel out of Palestinian lands

20 Feb 2024

Arab Group at UN backs Algeria’s resolution demanding Gaza ceasefire

20 Feb 2024

Palestinians accuse Israel of ‘apartheid’ at UN top court

19 Feb 2024

UAE sends 5 automated bakeries to Gaza

16 Feb 2024

Demonstrators protest Japan’s defunding of UNRWA, Israeli attacks on Rafah

14 Feb 2024

UN warns Israel: Rafah invasion could ‘lead to slaughter’

29 Jan 2024

Genocide ruling a vindication for international justice

29 Jan 2024

Japan says it pauses funding to UNRWA, 'extremely concerned' about allegations

26 Jan 2024

How South Africa’s genocide case against Israel could influence the course of Gaza war

02 Sep 2018

Condemnations are not enough as UN recognizes Rohingya ‘genocide’


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