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14 Sep 2023

Kishida's new cabinet fully kicks off business

12 Sep 2023

Japan PM to replace foreign and defence ministers in cabinet reshuffle -media

09 Jun 2022

Kishida cabinet survives no-confidence motion

01 Sep 2021

Japan launches Digital Agency to boost government technology

31 May 2021

Lebanon’s Maronite Patriarch accuses state of collusion against the people

07 May 2021

French foreign minister delivers warning to Lebanese MPs in Beirut

24 Mar 2021

Aoun turns to diplomats in bid to break Lebanon’s political deadlock

23 Mar 2021

Lebanon stalemate continues after 18th Aoun-Hariri meeting collapses

22 Feb 2021

Lebanon’s political leaders trade insults over lack of government formation

21 Sep 2020

Dispute over new Lebanese government escalates

02 Sep 2020

New Japan PM to address UN General Assembly on Sept. 25

02 Sep 2020

Macron’s Lebanese ‘faux pas’

01 Sep 2020

Head of new Japan opposition party to be elected Sept. 10

31 Aug 2020

Lebanon names diplomat Mustapha Adib as new prime minister

31 Aug 2020

Ex-defence minister Ishiba is people's choice for next Japan PM - polls

31 Aug 2020

Diplomat leads race to be new Lebanon PM

31 Aug 2020

Suga to run in race to choose Abe's successor

29 Aug 2020

Lebanese parliamentary consultations after disagreement over next PM

27 Aug 2020

Lebanon risks disappearing without new government, reforms

26 Aug 2020

Aiming for top post, Kono seeking to solidify support base

11 Aug 2020

Lebanon PM Diab’s government resigns after tragic Beirut port blast

04 Aug 2020

First split opens up in new Lebanon government

03 Aug 2020

Lebanon’s foreign minister resigns amid economic crisis

16 Jul 2020

Japan to offer daily life support for doctoral students

13 Jul 2020

Japan to allow re-entry for more foreign residents

15 Jun 2020

Nishimura seeks third-party review of govt's coronavirus measures

25 Jan 2020

Women breaking the glass ceiling all over the world

05 Jan 2020

Government formation in Lebanon still facing obstacles

29 Dec 2019

UAE denies developing popular Mideast app as spy tool

28 Dec 2019

Activists reject candidates for new Lebanon government

27 Dec 2019

Iraqi president says he would rather quit than name PM rejected by protesters

22 Dec 2019

Diab expresses commitment to forming Lebanese government

21 Dec 2019

Lebanon’s new PM appeals for ‘the chance’ to form government of independent technocrats

20 Dec 2019

Vice Minister replaced for leaking info to Japan Post Holdings

29 Nov 2019

Opposition parties ending boycott of Diet over Cherry Blossom Party


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