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02 Mar 2023

Japan and Mauritius plan to work together on maritime security

19 Dec 2020

Japan operator says human error caused Mauritius oil spill

13 Dec 2020

Japan to help Mauritius cope with natural disasters

24 Sep 2020

Japan coast guard official details Mauritian oil spill response

18 Sep 2020

Japan to send team to investigate oil spill off Mauritius

11 Sep 2020

Mauritius oil spill ship operator to pay $9.4 million

08 Sep 2020

Japan aims for damage control over giant oil spill in a call with the Mauritius PM

07 Sep 2020

Japan says it offered Mauritius "unprecedented" support, including financial

02 Sep 2020

Japan to offer long-term support over oil spill off Mauritius

02 Sep 2020

Japan to send third disaster relief team to Mauritius

26 Aug 2020

Greenpeace calls on Japanese companies to take 'swift' action in response to Mauritius oil spill

25 Aug 2020

Long-term threat to Mauritius ecology after spill: Japan experts

25 Aug 2020

Japan's Nagashiki says has scuttled part of Mauritius oil-spill ship

21 Aug 2020

Japan ship deviated from shipping lane before Mauritius impact, data shows

18 Aug 2020

Captain of Japanese ship grounded off Mauritius arrested

17 Aug 2020

Japan to send more staff to tackle oil spill off Mauritius

16 Aug 2020

Japanese ship involved in Mauritius oil spill breaks apart

12 Aug 2020

Damages are a focus after oil spill off Mauritius

12 Aug 2020

Urgent pumping removes oil from Japanese ship grounded near Mauritius

11 Aug 2020

Japan to send experts to deal with oil spill off Mauritius

09 Aug 2020

Grounded Mauritius ship operator apologises for oil leak

08 Aug 2020

Mauritius declares emergency as stranded Japanese ship spills fuel

01 Jan 2020

Conjoined Mauritanian twins arrive in Saudi Arabia for separation


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