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27 Mar 2023

Suga named Head of Japan Lawmaker Group for S. Korea

19 Jan 2023

Suga raps Kishida again, this time over his management of govt

29 Mar 2022

No indictment over dining scandal involving ex-PM Suga's son

26 Sep 2021

Japan's Coronavirus situation getting better: Suga

25 Sep 2021

Japan's Suga hails AUKUS security pact

23 Sep 2021

Japan's Suga leaves for US to attend Quad Summit

14 Sep 2021

Japan's outgoing prime minister to attend Quad summit in US

13 Sep 2021

Suga's drive to cut mobile rates bears fruit

09 Sep 2021

Suga reflects on his one year as prime minister

04 Sep 2021

Ex-US envoy to Japan calls Suga ‘trusted ally’

03 Sep 2021

Suga surprises Japan by declaring the intention to resign

30 Aug 2021

Japan's Suga preparing replacement of LDP Nikai

29 Aug 2021

Japan’s prime minister sees another drop in his approval rating

24 Aug 2021

Suga vows to promote telemedicine, other future fields

17 Aug 2021

COVID situation in Japan is "critical”: PM Suga

15 Aug 2021

Japan's Suga pledges not to wage war again as ministers visit controversial shrine

09 Aug 2021

Japan fulfils responsibilities as Olympics host: Suga

06 Aug 2021

Suga criticized for missing key part of his Hiroshima speech

06 Aug 2021

Suga vows to provide broad relief to ‘Black Rain’ victims swiftly

25 Jul 2021

Suga, Macron tout Tokyo Games as 'symbol of global unity'

15 Jun 2021

No-confidence motion submitted against Suga cabinet

14 Jun 2021

Suga leaves open Lower House breakup on no-confidence motion

11 Jun 2021

Artist creates sculpture of G7 leaders using electronic waste to highlight damages

07 Jun 2021

Suga eyes talks with Biden on G-7 Summit sidelines

03 Jun 2021

Suga meets with Abe to talk about G-7 summit

01 Jun 2021

Japan's Suga, US Indo-Pacific head affirm cooperation

24 May 2021

Suga's support rate goes south in a new survey

22 May 2021

Suga seeks vaccine support for developing nations

14 May 2021

Suga cabinet support falls to record 32.2 ct: JIJI survey

12 May 2021

Frustration in Japan as leader pushes Olympics despite virus

26 Apr 2021

Japan, India to cooperate on digital reform, decarbonization

21 Apr 2021

Prime Minister Suga makes offerings at Yasukuni shrine but doesn't visit

17 Apr 2021

Biden welcomes Japan PM as first guest with push on 5G, climate, China

15 Apr 2021

Suga to leave for Washington

11 Apr 2021

Suga, Biden seen adding pressure on China

04 Apr 2021

Suga ready for area expansion of coronavirus pre-emergency

26 Mar 2021

Suga, Biden likely to issue joint statement at summit

13 Mar 2021

Japan PM: Quad countries to cooperate on vaccine for developing nations

09 Mar 2021

Suga calls for greater efforts to promote gender equality

20 Feb 2021

Japan PM: all G7 leaders support Japan's plan to hold Olympics this summer

18 Feb 2021

Suga receives 5 M. Yen from company related to 1st son

16 Feb 2021

Suga consoles Argentina over the death of former President Menem

03 Feb 2021

Suga, Trudeau agree to cooperate on global challenges

29 Jan 2021

PM Suga outlines Japan priorities in Davos Agenda

28 Jan 2021

Japanese PM Suga, US President Biden confirm alliance

27 Jan 2021

Japan PM apologises after lawmakers' night club outings

26 Jan 2021

Suga apologizes for strained medical system

25 Jan 2021

Support for Suga's cabinet drops in latest poll

10 Jan 2021

Japan govt to act soon on virus emergency in Kansai if needed: Suga

08 Jan 2021

Suga calls S. Korea comfort women ruling unacceptable


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