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08 Oct 2020

UNESCO praises Saudi Arabia for keeping education going during COVID-19 lockdown

12 Sep 2020

Sudan floods kill over 100, threaten archaeological site

10 Sep 2020

Saudi Arabia elected to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage Committee

08 Sep 2020

New book features landscapes, ancient sites, illustrations of Saudi Arabia’s AlUla

28 Aug 2020

Global aid for Lebanon depends on ‘very serious’ reforms: Canadian FM

13 Aug 2020

UNESCO to protect Lebanon as 60 historic buildings ‘risk collapse’

25 Jul 2020

International plea to save storm-hit Yemeni mud city from collapse

07 Jul 2020

Italy donates $904.9k to Jordan’s education sector

05 Jul 2020

Preserving heritage means securing the future, says Princess Haifa

22 Jun 2020

South Korea to seek removal of Japan sites from UNESCO list

25 Feb 2020

Turning a new leaf: Saudi Arabia’s Jazan region ditches qat crops for coffee trees

14 Feb 2020

Artists address environmental crises in ‘I Love You, Urgently’

14 Feb 2020

Snapchat brings Saudi UNESCO site to life with augmented reality

09 Feb 2020

AlUla to showcase its model for sustainable development at World Urban Forum

07 Feb 2020

Japan appoints three new ambassadors

03 Feb 2020

Arabic calligraphy to be registered as UNESCO intangible heritage

01 Feb 2020

UNESCO chief highlights importance of history’s lessons at Saudi Arabia’s AlUla

17 Jan 2020

The case for protecting Saudi Arabia’s ancient art of Khawlani coffee production

06 Jan 2020

Art residency program launched in Jeddah’s Al-Balad heritage site

01 Dec 2019

Donations for Shuri Castle reconstruction top 1.2bn Yen

21 Nov 2019

Saudi Arabia elected to UNESCO executive board


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