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15 Apr 2024

Japan, U.S., S. Korea Finance Chiefs eye 1st trilateral meeting

13 Apr 2024

Biden expecting Iranian attack on Israel ‘sooner than later,’ tells Tehran ‘don’t’

10 Apr 2024

Kishida presents Noto's "Wajima-Nuri" lacquerware to Biden

10 Apr 2024

US, Japan sign university research deals in artificial intelligence

10 Apr 2024

Philippines president says summit with U.S., Japan to include South China Sea cooperation

08 Apr 2024

Kishida leaves for state visit to U.S.

06 Apr 2024

Philippines, US, Australia, Japan to hold joint drills in disputed sea

03 Apr 2024

Japan, U.S., Philippines eye cooperation on mineral supply chains

01 Apr 2024

Japan's Kishida to give speech at U.S. congress on April 11

30 Mar 2024

Japan, U.S., Philippines to conduct joint naval patrols: reports

30 Mar 2024

US, Japan to call for deeper cooperation in AI, semiconductors, Asahi says

21 Mar 2024

Japan, U.S. hold joint drill for U.S. military aircraft crash

13 Mar 2024

Osprey flights in Japan to be resumed Thurs. at earliest

08 Mar 2024

Wheel falls off US-to-Japan Boeing passenger jet

25 Feb 2024

US, British forces carry out more strikes against Houthis in Yemen

25 Feb 2024

Undeterred by latest US-UK strikes, Houthis target US-flagged oil tanker off Yemen

24 Feb 2024

US downs three Houthi drones, strikes anti-ship missiles

21 Feb 2024

Ukraine premier in Tokyo says his country needs missiles, but expects new US aid to come through

21 Feb 2024

The Air Force knows what failed on an Osprey in a crash in Japan, but still doesn't know why

21 Feb 2024

US says Yemen’s Houthis targeted bulk carrier bound for port of Aden

28 Jan 2024

Houthis accuse US, UK of targeting Ras Isa oil terminal in Hodeidah

22 Jan 2024

Japan, U.S. to discuss ways to utilize Russian assets

22 Jan 2024

Trump cites atomic bombs on Japan to claim presidential immunity

22 Jan 2024

Hundreds denounce Japan-USA Cruise missiles' deal

21 Jan 2024

North Korea stresses alignment with Russia against US and says Putin could visit at an 'early date'

17 Jan 2024

US, South Korea and Japan conduct naval drills as tensions deepen with North Korea

16 Jan 2024

Japan, S. Korea, U.S. to discuss N. Korea Thurs.

13 Jan 2024

Kamikawa, Blinken agree to cooperate for Kishida's U.S. visit

09 Dec 2023

US, South Korea and Japan urge stronger international push to curb North Korean nuclear program

03 Dec 2023

US-Saudi Business Council to hold conference in New Orleans

29 Nov 2023

Japan, U.S. designate 2024 as tourism promotion year

15 Nov 2023

Japan, U.S., S. Korea vow cooperation over N. Korea

07 Nov 2023

Armed drones shot down over northern Iraqi airport where US forces are based

06 Nov 2023

Japan, U.S., S. Korea to launch cyber consultations

18 Oct 2023

South Korea, US, Japan to hold joint air drills: reports

17 Oct 2023

South Korea, Japan, US set up three-way security hotline -Yonhap

10 Oct 2023

US says nine Americans killed in Israel, others still missing

28 Sep 2023

Japan, U.S. Defense Chiefs agree to bolster alliance

23 Sep 2023

Quad ministers voice opposition to attempts to change status quo

30 Aug 2023

US deploys B-1B bombers for separate drills with South Korea, Japan

26 Aug 2023

U.S. "satisfied" with Japan's Fukushima water process

19 Aug 2023

Japan, U.S., S. Korea leaders vow to enhance security cooperation

18 Aug 2023

Japan, U.S., S. Korea to adopt new document at summit Friday

17 Aug 2023

Temperature Difference between Japan and the United States in Taiwan's Emergency Response

17 Aug 2023

Kishida leaves for summit with Biden, Yoon in U.S.

10 Aug 2023

US, UK and Canada sanction former governor of Lebanon’s central bank over alleged corruption

06 Aug 2023

Japan’s nationalists demand American apology for atomic bombing of Hiroshima

06 Aug 2023

U.S. museum to show photos of atomic bombed Hiroshima, Nagasaki

18 Jul 2023

Japan, U.S., S. Korea officials to meet Thursday on N. Korea

01 Mar 2021

United States strongly condemns Houthi attacks on Saudi Arabia

22 Feb 2021

Sullivan says US has started communicating with Iran over detained Americans

21 Jan 2021

US lifts tariffs on aluminum imports from UAE

24 Oct 2020

Turkey on alert after US warns of potential terror strikes

30 Aug 2020

Abe's successor to face challenge to expand free trade

21 Aug 2020

Iran says US has no right to demand restoration of sanctions

21 Aug 2020

Huawei suffers under US pressure

21 Aug 2020

US to restore all sanctions on Iran, accuses European allies of ‘siding with ayatollahs’

15 Aug 2020

Iran cries victory after UN rejects US bid to extend arms embargo

06 Jul 2020

Major US investment firm eyeing Japan tourism

10 May 2020

Iran ready to swap prisoners with US without preconditions

10 Jan 2020

Japan shares rise as calming Middle East tensions shift focus to trade deal

08 Jan 2020

Russia’s Putin visits Syria to meet Assad, a key Iran ally

26 Dec 2019

Fighting for Palestinians as a core issue of human and civil rights

17 Dec 2019

The UN resolution that paved the road for West Bank annexation

12 Dec 2019

Palestinians in Congress should support moderate agenda

10 Dec 2019

The next Iran Parliament and Tehran’s battle with Washington

09 Dec 2019

Japan-US Extended Deterrence Dialogue underway

04 Dec 2019

Rouhani: Iran still ready for nuclear talks if US lifts sanctions

03 Dec 2019

US’ Lebanon policy should not be guided by Israeli perspective

02 Dec 2019

US, Russia cooperating in Syria despite disagreements

26 Nov 2019

Syrian sanctions: What to do next?

21 Nov 2019

New US policy on Israel’s settlements changes nothing

06 Nov 2019

Forty years after the Iran hostage crisis, the tragedy continues

05 Nov 2019

Softbank to tighten governance standards for firms: FT


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