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23 Apr 2024

Saudi cinema sector generates close to $1bn in revenue

23 Apr 2023

General Entertainment Authority announces Saudi Tour 2023

09 Dec 2022

A joint Saudi-Chinese initiative aims to harness the power of entertainment to cement ties

25 Sep 2022

Saudi version of global ‘Idol’ talent show announced

04 May 2022

‘Tokyo Vice’: American reporter’s tale of crime underworld ‘yawningly long’

17 Mar 2022

Riyadh to host global entertainment, amusement summit in May

10 Jan 2022

Japan's 'Drive My Car' wins Golden Globe for Best Non-English Film

18 Jul 2021

Japan's Hamaguchi, Oe win best screenplay award at Cannes

14 Jun 2021

Saudi entertainment seasons return in Q4 of 2021

28 May 2021

Saudi Arabia to resume entertainment activities for those who received COVID-19 vaccine

26 Apr 2021

'Mortal Kombat,' 'Demon Slayer' lead improving box office

21 Apr 2021

Finish him! ‘Mortal Kombat’ stars reflect on bringing hugely popular game to life

11 Apr 2021

Girl on fire: Alicia Keys surprises school students in Saudi Arabia

30 Mar 2021

‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ movie premieres in the UAE

23 Mar 2021

New Megalobox sequel set to premier in Japan next month

19 Mar 2021

Japan's malls and restaurants brace for Olympics without foreigners

02 Mar 2021

Through the mailbox slot: Japanese theatre offers new viewing experience

16 Feb 2021

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 to be released in 2022

02 Feb 2021

Sony to buy US music distribution service AWAL

02 Feb 2021

The release of the first teaser trailer for 'Shin Ultraman' movie

22 Jan 2021

MUVI opens drive-in cinema in Riyadh

17 Jan 2021

Riyadh Oasis opens its doors for winter leisure festival

16 Jan 2021

Pokémon celebrates 25 years with Katy Perry as musical headline for the year

26 Dec 2020

Digital program aims to help further Saudi filmmakers’ careers

07 Dec 2020

World’s largest cinema operator continues expansion drive in Saudi Arabia

19 Aug 2020

'Making of Harry Potter' park to open in Tokyo in 2023

02 Aug 2020

The future of the entertainment sector in Saudi Arabia

23 Jul 2020

Black-owned anime studio D'Art Shtajio produces The Weeknd’s latest music video

21 Jun 2020

Drive-in theatre event lights up Tokyo Tower’s parking lot

13 Jun 2020

Harry Potter facility to be built in Japan Toshimaen park's closure

09 Mar 2020

Saudi entertainment authority closes Riyadh Boulevard and Winter Wonderland over coronavirus fears

13 Jan 2020

Entertainment: The future of Saudi Arabia’s non-oil economy

12 Dec 2019

SR42m cinema inaugurated in Saudi Arabia’s Jazan region

03 Dec 2019

Saudi Arabia could anchor new Mideast tour circuit, says boss of entertainment firm Flash

16 Nov 2019

Kurdish singer Nouri: ‘I want to be the greatest’

11 Nov 2019

Six Flags names chief of Qiddiya theme park project, outside Riyadh

21 Jan 2019

Playing political football with Paterno’s Saudi visit


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