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12 Apr 2024

Go Nagai sends handwritten message of hope to Wajima City

03 Feb 2024

Saudi man ‘embracing inner child’ with private toy museum

14 Jan 2024

Grendizer, Duke Fleed limited edition figures to be presented at MEFCC 2024

11 Jan 2024

‘Even if lost, I will draw again,’ Go Nagai says as Wajima memorial confirms damages after earthquake

22 Dec 2023

New ‘UFO Robot Grendizer’ anime reveals character designs

11 Dec 2023

Saudi film production firm reveals 1st ‘Grendizer U’ trailer

27 Nov 2023

Microids releases limited edition Grendizer collector items

09 Nov 2023

Microids: The French video game developer behind the new Grendizer video game

05 Aug 2023

Saudi company Manga Productions reveals the trailer for the upcoming "Grendizer U" anime

18 Jul 2023

Saudi film production firm to launch collaborative new manga video game

10 Jan 2023

German fashion designer Philipp Plein features Grendizer in Christmas home décor

26 Aug 2022

Saudi Arabia’s Manga Productions launches Project G, based on popular ‘Grendizer’ anime

21 Feb 2022

‘UFO Robot Grendizer’ singer Sammy Clark dies aged 73

23 Nov 2021

Expo Dubai’s SUSHIRO brings the flavours of Japan to the UAE

16 Sep 2021

Grendizer exhibition in Paris gives fans an immersive look into the legendary robot’s universe

29 Apr 2021

Dragon Ball Z music composer Shunsuke Kikuchi dies at 89

18 Apr 2021

Sammy Clark: The Lebanese voice behind ‘UFO Robot Grendizer’s’ Arabic theme song

09 Apr 2021

Mother of Koji: Saudis turn to social media and anime memories to welcome Japanese ambassador’s wife to kingdom

07 Mar 2020

Plans for world’s tallest Grendizer statue unveiled in the UAE

01 Feb 2020

Lebanese graffiti artists turn anime figure into revolutionary symbol

27 Dec 2019

Photography series pays homage to iconic Japanese manga robot ‘Grendizer’

26 Oct 2019

How Japanese anime Grendizer galvanized the Arab world

26 Oct 2019

A Grendizer movie? It’s a ‘Go,’ says Nagai, creator of the famous Japanese anime


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