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31 Aug 2023

Japan's defense ministry requests nearly 12% budget increase to bolster military's strike capability

23 Jun 2023

Oman and Japan hold military dialogue

24 Jan 2023

US, Israel launch week of major military exercises

23 Jan 2023

North Korean institute says Japan aims to be ‘military superpower’

18 Nov 2022

Japanese military celebrates international ties through music

28 Jul 2022

Japan urges Russia not to hold military drills around disputed islands

22 Jul 2022

Japan wary of deeper China-Russia military cooperation

07 Feb 2022

Saudi Arabia launches national military academy to meet 800 needed skills

19 Oct 2021

Crown Prince transfers military land ownership in Asir to government

23 Aug 2021

Saudi Arabia invites foreign, local firms to invest in 74 military projects

14 Jul 2021

Saudi military industry booms fueled by local companies: GAMI

03 Jul 2021

Cash-strapped Lebanese army branches out into leisure services

24 Feb 2021

Japan, US sign document to extend host-nation support pact

24 Feb 2021

Number of businesses in Saudi military industries sector grows to 70

21 Feb 2021

Saudi Arabia opens military recruitment to both sexes

09 Jan 2021

Saudi Arabia, US take part in joint military exercise

21 Dec 2020

Japan sets record $52 bln military budget

10 Nov 2020

Tokyo, Washington to start full-fledged talks on base costs

01 Nov 2020

Sudan, Egypt to boost military cooperation

26 Oct 2020

Japan and US begin major military exercise as concern about China grows

20 Oct 2020

Japan agrees to protect Australian military assets

30 Sep 2020

Japan's military asks new government to continue strengthening of armed forces

19 Sep 2020

Japan-US military ties deepening five years after law enactment

10 Sep 2020

US to pull half its troops out of Iraq, Afghanistan by November

21 Jul 2020

US military release number of COVID-19 infections at bases in Japan

17 Feb 2020

Japan-US island defense drill opened to media

05 Feb 2020

Avalanche in Turkey wipes out rescue team; 28 dead overall

21 Jan 2020

Saudi military opens first women’s section

06 Jan 2020

Iraqi MPs to vote on expelling US troops after killing Iran’s Soleimani

04 Jan 2020

Turkish inflation jumps as window for more rate cuts narrows

29 Dec 2019

Saudi military industries signs Patriot maintenance deal with Raytheon Saudi Arabia

28 Dec 2019

Algeria names Abdelaziz Djerad as its new prime minister

23 Dec 2019

Japan’s SDF to use more renewable energy sources

21 Dec 2019

Turkish parliament approves controversial Libya military deal

09 Dec 2019

Rockets hit military base hosting US troops near Baghdad airport

02 Dec 2019

Japan's Suga confirms accord to buy island for US training

30 Nov 2019

Japan to buy island for US military training for 16bn Yen

23 Nov 2019

Saudi tech firm sets sights high with military role

22 Nov 2019

Lebanon’s leaders attend Independence Day military parade amid protests


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