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  • サウジアラビアの紅海プロジェクトが38億ドルの「グリーン」融資を活用し新規ホテルを建設


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27 Apr 2021 11:04:11 GMT9
27 Apr 2021 11:04:11 GMT9
  • バンク・サウジ・フランシ、サウジ・ブリティッシュ・バンク(SABB)、リヤド・バンク、サウジ・ナショナルバンク(SNB)との間で、15年の融資およびリボルビング・クレジット・ファシリティについて契約が締結された。






This project is wholly owned by a government-affiliated fund, the Public Investment Fund, and is the key to Saudi Arabia’s economic reform plan, Vision 2030, which aims to break away from the oil-dependent economy and diversify the economy.

Saudi Arabia wants the tourism industry to account for 10% of GDP by 2030. The renewable energy of this project will be provided through a public and private partnership with a consortium led by ACWA Power.

The loan will provide funding for the first phase of the project, which will complete 16 new hotels by the end of 2023. Fourteen of these hotels will be built on the islands of the archipelago, one in the desert and one in the mountains.

By the end of next year, three new hotels will open and the Red Sea International Airport will be operational.

For the first time in 2019, TRSDC consulted banks for a first phase loan of about 30 billion riyals.

“It took a while, but as I said before, this is a complex project and a complex journey, but we were able to achieve it at the best time.”

According to Pagano, the company has signed about 12 confirmations of intentions regarding management contracts with hotel brands, and plans to announce “stable brands to enter in the future” in the coming months, most of which are luxury brands. It is said that it will be.

Mr. Pagano said he expects 300,000 tourists a year to continue in the first phase and is optimistic that overseas travel will recover strongly.



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