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05 Jul 2020
新型コロナの感染拡大を防ぐため、各陣営は有権者との握手や大規模な集会を控えるなど異例の選挙戦となった。(Kyodo via Reuters)
新型コロナの感染拡大を防ぐため、各陣営は有権者との握手や大規模な集会を控えるなど異例の選挙戦となった。(Kyodo via Reuters)
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Updated 06 Jul 2020
05 Jul 2020

Yuriko Koike (67), who is incumbent, won the Tokyo Governor’s election. The number of new coronaviruses newly infected in Tokyo is increasing, and there is growing concern about re-infection. Although additional costs for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics next year will also be required, the fiscal adjustment fund, which corresponds to the “savings” of the capital, has almost reached the bottom with measures against corona. In the second term, how to overcome infections and how to overcome the challenges for the realization of the Games will be challenged.

In late March, the number of new corona infected people increased rapidly in late March. When the emergency declaration was issued on April 7, Mr. Koike requested a wide range of industries to take a leave based on the Act on Special Measures Against New Influenza. After taking measures such as paying “cooperation money” to the small and medium-sized enterprises who responded, the number of infected persons temporarily decreased to the single digit.

However, after the declaration was lifted, the number gradually increased, returning to the 100 level on July 2 for the first time in two months. Although the medical service system is not tight, there is a risk that the number of infected people will increase rapidly. On the other hand, the balance of the Fiscal Adjustment Fund was 80.7 billion yen due to the measures taken so far, a decrease of more than 90% from the end of FY2019. There is not enough financial allowance for new leave compensation.

With the global epidemic not expected to settle down, preparations for the Olympic Games, postponed in the summer of 2009, must be made. In order to hold the event with the understanding of the people of Tokyo and the people, it is essential to simplify the tournament by reducing costs.

It is expected that the city tax revenue will decrease sharply, mainly in the case of the two corporate taxes. In addition to the immediate challenges of corona countermeasures and preparations for the Olympics, in a difficult kitchen situation, “How much can the Governor produce his or her own color?”

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