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31 Jan 2024

29 Japanese companies participate at Arab Health trade show

26 Jul 2023

Japan will continue to prioritize development of Lebanon’s health sector, says Ambassador Magoshi

24 Apr 2023

Nagasaki to host G7 Health Ministers meeting

06 Jan 2023

Gaza says Israel not allowing in enough X-ray machines for medical care

15 Aug 2022

Hundreds of women benefit from Saudi virtual health sessions

27 Jul 2022

Duration of gaming has zero correlation with levels of wellbeing, study finds

01 Jul 2022

Saudi crown prince announces ‘national priorities’ for research, development projects

17 Apr 2022

Gulf ministers set March 1 as healthy cities day

25 Mar 2022

AlUla Wellness Festival welcomes world’s yogis, wellness fanatics

09 Mar 2022

Mounds of old batteries threaten Gaza health

05 Dec 2021

Japan to host Tokyo Nutrition for Growth Summit

28 Aug 2021

Saudi Arabia turns to biotech as it aims to export health care products

25 Aug 2021

Japan to use rescued dogs and cats as therapy animals

02 Jul 2021

Japan’s smoking habits are changing

16 Mar 2021

Death toll decreased in Japan in 2020 despite coronavirus

06 Mar 2021

Walking initiative to promote public health in Saudi Arabia

24 Jan 2021

Madinah joins world’s healthiest cities

11 Dec 2020

Riyadh health department sets new standards

30 Nov 2020

Saudi Arabia turns to ‘digital health’ amid outbreak

27 Nov 2020

Japan to conduct COVID-19 antibody tests on 15,000 people

25 Nov 2020

ORALPEACE: First of its kind fully edible Japanese oral hygiene product

29 Oct 2020

Governor of Saudi Arabia's Baha province inaugurates health projects in the region

18 Oct 2020

Coronavirus survives on skin five times longer than flu: Japanese study

16 Oct 2020

People emit 14 times more droplets during Karaoke: Japan study

26 Sep 2020

Japan's FY2021 Budget requests to top 100 Trillion Yen for seventh time

28 Aug 2020

Japanese PM Abe resigns over worsening health

26 Aug 2020

No problem with Abe's health: Suga

24 Aug 2020

Japan's Abe returns from hospital, says to do his best at his job

19 Aug 2020

Some see symptoms of Abe's chronic disease as serious

31 Jul 2020

Virus infections accelerating in some regions in Japan: panel

26 Jul 2020

Lebanon ‘botched virus response’, say health advisers; return to tough lockdown urged

03 Jun 2020

High diabetes and obesity rates complicate GCC's coronavirus fight

31 May 2020

Japanese develop capsules to deliver Cancer therapeutic genes

30 May 2020

Madinah health campaign benefits 60,000 people

27 May 2020

Japan's COVID-19 death toll may reach 1,221: US Health Research Center

25 May 2020

36.5 percent gain weight in Japan during COVID-19 crisis: Survey

10 May 2020

Iran accused of hiding COVID-19 deaths as police arrest 320 for ‘spreading rumors’

21 Apr 2020

W20 calls for appointment of women in global task force to fight pandemics

29 Feb 2020

Japan provides medical equipment to health care center in Lebanon

18 Feb 2020

Non-designated hospitals brace for coronavirus outbreak

15 Feb 2020

Tokyo Metropolitan Government creates new logo as population expected to peak in 2025

20 Jan 2020

Abe Calls for Stricter Vigilance against China Pneumonia

03 Jan 2020

The AI-powered app that reminds you to eat your veggies

27 Dec 2019

Overcharging for nursing care insurance premiums found in Japan

15 Dec 2019

Saudi ministry of health wins innovation award

06 Dec 2019

A Jordan startup delivers eco-friendly alternative to dry cleaning

05 Dec 2019

Grubs up: Veganism trend soaring among young Saudis

27 Nov 2019

Madinah aiming to join world list of healthy cities


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