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26 Oct 2021

UN experts denounce Israeli branding of Palestinian rights groups as terrorists

24 Oct 2021

Under Israel’s blockade, Gaza fishermen struggle for a catch

24 Oct 2021

Optimism in Gaza amid indications of reconstruction acceleration

24 Oct 2021

Israeli criminalization of Palestinian civil groups condemned

22 Oct 2021

Israelis in West Bank flashpoint dig for new neighborhood

20 Oct 2021

Israel violates international law ‘because it can,’ UN Security Council told

19 Oct 2021

Author’s Israel boycott turns spotlight on cultural genocide in Palestine

18 Oct 2021

Palestinians defend their olive trees as settler assaults escalate

18 Oct 2021

More Palestinians apply for Israeli work permits

14 Oct 2021

US, Israel say they are exploring a ‘Plan B’ for Iran

10 Oct 2021

Silent Jewish prayers at Al-Aqsa rejected by Israeli appeals court following protests

09 Oct 2021

Israel, Palestinian militants use bodies as bargaining chips

07 Oct 2021

Two-state solution is the only path to peace

05 Oct 2021

Abbas receives Israeli delegation in Ramallah

30 Sep 2021

Israeli settlers attack Palestinian village, wound toddler

30 Sep 2021

UN special envoy slams Israeli destruction, seizures in occupied territories

30 Sep 2021

Israeli officers kill woman after Jerusalem stabbing attempt: police

29 Sep 2021

Two Palestinians wounded in raids by Israeli troops

29 Sep 2021

Three UN speeches, three different takes on Palestine

29 Sep 2021

#Arab_lives_matter sparks calls for more policing in Israel

28 Sep 2021

Illinois congresswoman slams Iron Dome funding and ‘theft’ of Sheikh Jarrah homes

27 Sep 2021

Israel releases Palestinian MP Khalida Jarrar from prison

27 Sep 2021

Israeli troops kill 5 Palestinians in West Bank gun battles

26 Sep 2021

Israeli gunfire kills Palestinian in West Bank – ministry

26 Sep 2021

Israeli move to grab Palestinian land re-energized

25 Sep 2021

Abbas to Israel: End occupation in 1 year or Palestinians withdraw recognition

25 Sep 2021

A Palestinian wedding in Israel stirs memories of 1948 expulsion of Arab inhabitants of Biram and Iqrit

25 Sep 2021

Palestinian-Armenian dispute over Jerusalem land deal intensifies

25 Sep 2021

Abbas tells UN Israeli actions could lead to ‘one state’

23 Sep 2021

Hamas rejects PA’s call for Palestinian local elections

22 Sep 2021

COVID-19, Palestine and Iranian nukes feature in first day of UN General Assembly speeches

22 Sep 2021

Biden in UN call for independent Palestine

22 Sep 2021

Nearly 80% of Palestinians want President Abbas to quit: Poll

21 Sep 2021

Palestinian artist depicts the ‘ticking bomb’ of Gaza

21 Sep 2021

Egyptian foreign minister highlights need to revive Palestine negotiation process

19 Sep 2021

Last two prison-break Palestinian fugitives recaptured: Israeli army

18 Sep 2021

Spoons become a new symbol of Palestinian ‘freedom’

17 Sep 2021

The pros and cons of the UN when it comes to Palestine

15 Sep 2021

Palestinian prisoners in Israel call off planned hunger strike

14 Sep 2021

Palestinian stabs two in Jerusalem shop before being shot, Israeli police say

13 Sep 2021

Israeli defenses intercept rocket launched from Gaza

13 Sep 2021

Hamas likely to oppose Palestinian municipal elections

12 Sep 2021

Rights group condemns repressive Israeli against Palestinian prisoners

11 Sep 2021

Sirens blare near Israel’s border with Gaza after rocket fired

11 Sep 2021

Israeli media: 4 Palestinian escapees captured, 2 at large

10 Sep 2021

Israel arrests more relatives of Palestinian jail breakers

10 Sep 2021

Ex-prisoner praises Palestinian escapees from Israeli jail

09 Sep 2021

Israel arrests relatives of escaped Palestinian prisoners

07 Sep 2021

How many more Palestinians must die for Israel’s ‘security’?

06 Sep 2021

Six Palestinians escape from high-security Israeli prison


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