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14 Aug 2020

Palestinian politicians voice dismay over ‘historic agreement’

13 Aug 2020

Political novices drawn to rally against Netanyahu

12 Aug 2020

Israel strikes Hamas positions in Gaza over fire balloons

11 Aug 2020

Egypt allows Gazans to leave strip for first time in months

11 Aug 2020

Israel closes Gaza crossing after Palestinians launch incendiary balloons

11 Aug 2020

OIC rejects Israel’s plan to annex Palestinian lands

06 Aug 2020

Gaza residents donate blood for Beirut victims

03 Aug 2020

Israel’s Netanyahu rails at media over protests against him

03 Aug 2020

Jordan rejects Israel’s settlement decision

31 Jul 2020

Israeli-Palestine conflict: It’s the occupation, stupid

31 Jul 2020

Jordan calls on Israel to respect Al-Aqsa mosque sanctity

30 Jul 2020

Cash-strapped Palestinians forced to sacrifice time-honored Eid traditions

27 Jul 2020

Israeli settlers vandalize, firebomb West Bank mosque

26 Jul 2020

Gazans defy taboos to rescue stray animals

25 Jul 2020

Six years after Gaza war, Palestinian victims lament housing crisis

23 Jul 2020

Israel arrests Palestinian cultural leaders, raids centers

21 Jul 2020

Egypt’s foreign minister in show of support for Palestinians in Ramallah

21 Jul 2020

Did UN chief’s global ceasefire call boost the coronavirus fight?

18 Jul 2020

Palestine's Hamas criticized for ‘flagrant violation of media pluralism’

17 Jul 2020

US urges Netanyahu to keep alive chance of Palestinian state

13 Jul 2020

Palestine imposes curfew, bans travel as COVID-19 cases soar

12 Jul 2020

How the land-grab debacle exposed Netanyahu as incompetent

07 Jul 2020

Egypt, France, Germany, Jordan warn Israel on annexation

05 Jul 2020

Israel, Palestinians face new restrictions amid virus surge

04 Jul 2020

Annexation push and the competing narratives

04 Jul 2020

Settlers and Palestinians unite in opposition to Israeli annexation

03 Jul 2020

Palestine's Hamas, Fatah join hands against Israeli annexation plan

02 Jul 2020

Palestinians rally as global opposition to Israeli annexation grows

01 Jul 2020

Israel backs down over land grab

30 Jun 2020

FM Motegi emphasizes Japan’s support of two-state solution for Middle East peace

30 Jun 2020

Arguments rage over future of Palestinian Authority

29 Jun 2020

Tough choices for Hamas over Israeli annexation plans

29 Jun 2020

Arab ministers call for collective action for Palestinians amid COVID-19 pandemic

28 Jun 2020

Arabs founded Jerusalem, says Jordan-based institute

27 Jun 2020

30,000 Muslims pray in Al-Aqsa Mosque while sticking to social distancing

25 Jun 2020

Palestinians should seek US Christians’ support

24 Jun 2020

UN chief calls on Israel to abandon West Bank annexation plans

23 Jun 2020

End of medical referrals in Gaza impacts Palestinian patients

22 Jun 2020

Palestinians fear Israeli annexation could further limit Dead Sea access

20 Jun 2020

Arab Israeli woman draws surfers to her fishing village

19 Jun 2020

Annexation is ‘destruction’ of two-state solution: Jordanian FM Safadi

18 Jun 2020

Netanyahu mulls two-phase West Bank annexation, newspaper says

17 Jun 2020

Palestinians’ unbreakable link with Black Lives Matter

15 Jun 2020

Protests continue over razing Jaffa Muslim Cemetery

15 Jun 2020

Fatah and Hamas reconciliation still a long way off

14 Jun 2020

Camp David Accords’ flawed path to peace

13 Jun 2020

Palestinian document gambit could leave thousands stranded

13 Jun 2020

A state, no matter how unjust, is the start Palestinians need

13 Jun 2020

Palestinians welcome opposition to Israel’s West Bank annexation plan

13 Jun 2020

UAE envoy warns Israel annexation would ‘upend’ Arab ties

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