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03 Jan 2024

Abe faction's slush funds may reach 600 m. yen

01 Feb 2023

Japan’s new security posture is Shinzo Abe’s legacy

16 Dec 2022

A film about Shinzo Abe’s killer to be released

08 Sep 2022

Australian PM plus 3 former PMs to attend Shinzo Abe funeral

14 Aug 2022

U.S. Vice President Harris to attend Abe's state funeral

06 Aug 2022

Holding state funeral for ex-PM Abe "appropriate": Kishida

03 Aug 2022

Japanese protest against Shinzo Abe's state funeral

30 Jul 2022

Lawyers say church caused suffering for Abe's alleged killer

26 Jul 2022

Amari likely to give parliamentary memorial speech for Abe

16 Jul 2022

Police probe of Abe security lapse begins as Japan mourns

12 Jul 2022

Japan bids sombre farewell to slain Shinzo Abe, its longest-serving premier

09 Jul 2022

World leaders condemn assassination of Japan’s Abe, pay tributes to ‘great leader’

12 Dec 2020

Shinzo Abe gets Turkmen medal for investments

12 Sep 2020

Japan's outgoing Prime Minister visits Tokyo hospital again

05 Sep 2020

Unsung Abe has earned his place in history

02 Sep 2020

New Japan PM to address UN General Assembly on Sept. 25

30 Aug 2020

Pompeo praises Abe's contributions to alliance

30 Aug 2020

Japan's Suga hopes to succeed PM Abe, race heats up

30 Aug 2020

Why Shinzo Abe leaves big shoes to fill

30 Aug 2020

Mohamed Bin Zayed wishes Abe well on resignation, commends bilateral relations

29 Aug 2020

Suga mulls entering race to succeed Abe

29 Aug 2020

Japanese opposition leaders, other figures react to Abe’s resignation

29 Aug 2020

Trump pays highest respect to Abe

28 Aug 2020

International reaction to resignation of Japan's PM Abe

28 Aug 2020

Japanese PM Abe resigns over worsening health

28 Aug 2020

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is set to resign

26 Aug 2020

No problem with Abe's health: Suga

23 Aug 2020

Abe's health concerns, LDP members on waiting list for cabinet posts

20 Aug 2020

Opposition demands Abe explain his health condition

19 Aug 2020

Some see symptoms of Abe's chronic disease as serious

17 Aug 2020

Japan PM Abe leaves hospital in Tokyo

15 Aug 2020

Abe administration has no effective way to regain public support

08 Aug 2020

Abe to skip Yasukuni visit on war anniversary

06 Aug 2020

Abe calls for virus prevention steps during "Bon" holiday

17 Jul 2020

Abe, Merkel agree to cooperate in fight against coronavirus

16 Jul 2020

Japan to fully revise basic IT Law for 1st time

09 Jul 2020

Abe, Morrison share concerns over Hong Kong Security law

17 Jun 2020

Abe vows to consider Japan's future missile defense posture

14 Jun 2020

Abe works for 140 consecutive days amid virus crisis

10 Jun 2020

Japan, Australia to agree on status of forces pact in July

29 May 2020

Abe may self-isolate after attending G7 summit

08 May 2020

Abe, Trump agree to cooperate on steps to fight coronavirus

01 May 2020

Japan to decide whether to extend state of emergency as early as Monday

30 Apr 2020

Japan PM to consult health experts amid speculation state of emergency to be extended

16 Apr 2020

Abe's wife took trip in mid-March amid coronavirus scare

16 Apr 2020

Abe regards virus crisis as World War III

13 Apr 2020

Tokyo governor Koike, a PM Abe rival, takes tough stance on coronavirus

13 Apr 2020

Abe's stay-at-home video stirs controversy

08 Apr 2020

Abe welcomes cooperation for pandemic emergency declaration

05 Apr 2020

Woman held for breaking into premises of Abe's residence

03 Apr 2020

Japan to give 300,000 yen to households with income drops

01 Apr 2020

Abe cabinet divided into 2 groups to prevent virus spread

30 Mar 2020

WHO chief lauds Abe’s leadership in confronting coronavirus and promoting Universal Health Coverage

28 Mar 2020

Japan's Abe warns coronavirus outbreak could worsen if people don't take proper measures

27 Mar 2020

Tokyo lockdown would have huge economic impact: Abe

22 Mar 2020

Japan holds NSC meeting after N. Korea's missile firing

17 Mar 2020

Japan PM says G7 supports 'complete' Games, polls back postponement

14 Mar 2020

Not time to declare emergency over coronavirus: Abe

14 Mar 2020

WHO chief lauds Abe's efforts to contain coronavirus

12 Mar 2020

BOJ Kuroda vows to act as appropriate after meeting with Abe

06 Mar 2020

S.Korea suspends visas for Japanese amid tit-for-tat coronavirus curbs

28 Feb 2020

Abe to meet press on Coronavirus on Saturday

27 Feb 2020

Trump wants Tokyo Olympics to be held as scheduled

25 Feb 2020

Japan's Abe urges telecommuting, staggered shifts to curb coronavirus

19 Feb 2020

Japan faces criticisms over coronavirus responses

17 Feb 2020

Abe apologizes for yelling at opposition lawmaker

02 Feb 2020

Japan destroyer heads to Middle East as Iran-US tension lingers

11 Jan 2020

Japan PM: 'I feel deep grief' after death of Oman's Sultan Qaboos

10 Jan 2020

Abe to go ahead with trip to Middle East

01 Jan 2020

Possible snap election top political issue in 2020

30 Dec 2019

Abe remembers 2019 as 'tough year'

28 Dec 2019

More SDF dispatches abroad without diet approval feared

27 Dec 2019

Abe honors Japanese doctor slain in Afghanistan

26 Dec 2019

Abe calls for higher pay in 2020 wage talks

22 Dec 2019

Special adviser to Japanese PM visits Djibouti

22 Dec 2019

Abe, Trump reaffirm close cooperation over North Korea

19 Dec 2019

Japan govt to discuss ways to promote freelance work

13 Dec 2019

Abe calls for progress in talks on constitutional amendments

13 Dec 2019

Japan ruling bloc's tax reform package lacks bold steps

12 Dec 2019

Taro Aso’s comments on Abe 4th term make waves in LDP

12 Dec 2019

Japan to revive traditional writing practice

09 Dec 2019

PM Abe discussing Japan visit by Iranian President Rouhani

09 Dec 2019

Opposition parties give up no-confidence motion against Abe cabinet

06 Dec 2019

Xi's expected visit said crucial for Japan-China ties

06 Dec 2019

Motegi top political fundraiser in Abe cabinet in 2018

04 Dec 2019

Abe mulls Middle East visit in mid-January

04 Dec 2019

Japan PM slammed for revealing operator of document shredder in scandal was disabled

29 Nov 2019

Ex-PM Nakasone took helm in pivotal time: Abe

29 Nov 2019

Opposition to boycott Diet talks over cherry blossom party

28 Nov 2019

Opposition parties zero in on antisocial forces’ participation at cherry blossom party

27 Nov 2019

Japan govt to actively hire "Ice Age Generation" workers

26 Nov 2019

Worries mount over Xi's visit to Japan after Hong Kong poll

26 Nov 2019

Abe support falls after Cherry Blossom party scandal: polls

25 Nov 2019

Japan, Vatican Agree to boost cooperation for peace

21 Nov 2019

Abe did not violate election law over parties: Cabinet Secretary

20 Nov 2019

Abe admits role in guest selection for cherry blossom parties

20 Nov 2019

Making history, Abe vows to keep initial enthusiasm

20 Nov 2019

Abe becomes Japan’s longest-serving prime minister

14 Nov 2019

Japan cancels Abe’s cherry blossom party next year

13 Nov 2019

Abe’s mission unaccomplished: pushing to revise Japan’s pacifist charter


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