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19 Mar 2021

Tokyo Olympics chief Hashimoto remembers Olympian and politician Kiyoko Ono

01 Mar 2021

S.Korea's Moon says Tokyo Olympics may be chance for N.Korea, US talks

18 Feb 2021

Don't be silent: How a 22-year-old woman helped bring down the Tokyo Olympics chief

31 Jan 2021

Osaka commits to Olympics but admits virus is a big concern

28 Jan 2021

Preparing for Tokyo Games 'clearly not irresponsible': IOC Bach

26 Jan 2021

IOC board to evaluate Tokyo Olympics matters but not cancellation

17 Jan 2021

Preparations underway for Tokyo Olympics: Japan Spokesman

10 Jan 2021

Japanese survey shows 80% want Olympics cancelled or delayed

08 Jan 2021

Senior IOC member says he's not sure Tokyo Games will happen

23 Dec 2020

New director picked for 'restrained' Tokyo Olympic ceremonies

13 Dec 2020

Sports leaders express confidence in safe Tokyo Games

07 Dec 2020

Residents uncertain about Olympic Games as costs rise amid coronavirus

06 Dec 2020

Tokyo Olympic volleyball player Kinuko Idogawa dies

04 Dec 2020

Tokyo Games cost-sharing agreement reached

13 Nov 2020

Governor Koike to give FCCJ speech regarding Tokyo Olympics

16 Oct 2020

IOC gives assurance to sports bodies that Tokyo is on track

15 Oct 2020

Records show Japan’s Dentsu lobbied and funded campaign for Tokyo games

10 Oct 2020

Japan eases entry restrictions on Japanese athletes

09 Oct 2020

Japan's Otsuchi residents thank Saudi Arabia as part of the Tokyo Olympics 'host town' program

06 Oct 2020

IOC gets official look at simplification for Tokyo Olympics

25 Sep 2020

52 measures drawn up to simplify Tokyo Olympics

21 Sep 2020

Tokyo Olympics consulting firm paid $370,000 to IOC official's son

15 Sep 2020

Tokyo Games to decide COVID-19 'counter-measures' by end of year: IOC's Coates

05 Sep 2020

Tokyo Olympic CEO: Vaccine not requirement to hold games

20 Aug 2020

Survey: Majority of Japanese firms oppose Olympics next year

10 Aug 2020

Expert calls for international cooperation to beat virus toward Olympics

06 Aug 2020

Olympic rings in Tokyo Bay removed for "maintenance"

25 Jul 2020

PM Abe's fate hinges on postponed Tokyo Olympics

25 Jul 2020

Tokyo games postponement hits Olympic goods makers

25 Jul 2020

Protesters in Japan march against Tokyo 2020 Olympics

24 Jul 2020

With a year to go, support slides for pandemic-hit Tokyo Olympics

23 Jul 2020

Postponed Tokyo Olympics hit 1-year-to-go mark again

18 Jul 2020

Bach hints at reducing spectators in Tokyo Olympics as option

18 Jul 2020

Event schedules, venues decided for postponed Tokyo Olympics

17 Jul 2020

'Judo therapy': martial art with healing power

17 Jul 2020

Tokyo Olympics 'extremely difficult' in 2021

16 Jul 2020

Japan's women grapple for judo equality

16 Jul 2020

IOC remains 'fully committed' to staging Olympics in Tokyo in 2021

10 Jul 2020

With one year to go, experts warn of high-risk Tokyo Olympics amid pandemic

16 Jun 2020

Olympics: Tokyo 2020 executive says another delay should be an option

13 Jun 2020

Fukuoka expected to miss Olympics to pursue medical studies

05 Jun 2020

Former Olympic minister says March is deadline for Tokyo

05 Jun 2020

Tokyo to skip one-year Olympic countdown over virus: reports

04 Jun 2020

Japan to explore 'simplified' Games to avoid outright cancellation

15 May 2020

IOC creates $800m fund to address coronavirus crisis that hit Tokyo Olympics

28 Apr 2020

Tokyo Olympics next year difficult without vaccine says Japanese medical association chief

18 Apr 2020

Tokyo's homeless seek Olympic Athletes Village as shelter

17 Apr 2020

Tokyo Olympics won't provide much economic growth for Japan

03 Apr 2020

National committees have final say on qualified athletes for Tokyo Games

03 Mar 2020

Tokyo could lose Olympics if not held in 2020, minister says


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