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05 Jan 2024

Iraq forms committee to prepare for ending mission of the US-led coalition — statement

01 Jan 2024

US Navy shoots down missiles, kills Houthi hijackers in Red Sea

29 Dec 2023

US Navy ship intercepts missile and drone fired in Red Sea by Houthis

29 Dec 2023

US sanctions network financing Houthi Red Sea shipping attacks

28 Dec 2023

North Korea sees the ‘decline of US hegemony’

24 Dec 2023

Netanyahu says Gaza war exacting ‘heavy price’ on Israel army

24 Dec 2023

Indian-flagged oil tanker hit by attack drone in Red Sea: US military

23 Dec 2023

U.S. welcomes Japan's decision to export patriot missiles

23 Dec 2023

US alleges Iran ‘deeply involved’ in Red Sea Houthi operations as more tankers avoid vital waterway

23 Dec 2023

American veto against Gaza ceasefire “regrettable”: FM Kamikawa

16 Dec 2023

White House in ‘intensive’ talks with Israel on timing of next phase of Gaza war

13 Dec 2023

North Korea accuses US of being a ‘participant’ in genocide

30 Nov 2023

Blinken tells Netanyahu ‘imperative’ to protect Gaza civilians

25 Nov 2023

Japan, U.S., S. Korea vow cooperation over N. Korea

21 Nov 2023

Japan PM Kishida making arrangements for US visit early next year -media

20 Nov 2023

Ex-Fatah leader says US complicit in ‘ethnic cleansing’ of Palestinians in Gaza

12 Nov 2023

US military aircraft crashes over eastern Mediterranean Sea

12 Nov 2023

Netanyahu rejects growing calls for a ceasefire as Israel battles Hamas outside main Gaza hospital

05 Nov 2023

Saudi foreign minister meets Blinken, Jordan’s king to discuss Gaza conflict in Amman

04 Nov 2023

Amid war, US renews talk of Palestinian state but prospects bleak

31 Oct 2023

Drones target Iraq’s Ain Al-Asad air base, no casualties, damage

24 Oct 2023

Yamada named Japan's new ambassador to U.S.

22 Oct 2023

Japanese politician criticizes Biden for comparing Hamas to Putin

22 Oct 2023

Saudi crown prince, US Senator Lindsey Graham discuss Gaza escalation in Riyadh

21 Oct 2023

Hamas releases two US hostages with hope for more

18 Oct 2023

Joe Biden arrives in Israel as tensions grow in Middle East after hospital blast

15 Oct 2023

In first call with Palestinian president Abbas, Biden discusses support for humanitarian aid to Gaza

08 Oct 2023

Concerns over US-Turkiye relations after drone incident

21 Sep 2023

Shots fired outside US Embassy in Lebanon, no injuries reported

16 Sep 2023

US, UK, Canada issue new Iran sanctions ahead of anniversary of Mahsa Amini’s death

13 Sep 2023

Iran identifies 5 prisoners it wants from US in swap for Iranian-Americans

13 Sep 2023

US sanctions Lebanon-South America network accused of financing Hezbollah

28 Aug 2023

Jordan’s FM, US official discuss joint cooperation

28 Aug 2023

US Congress members visit rebel area in northern Syria

23 Aug 2023

US provoking ‘thermonuclear war’ on Korean Peninsula, North Korea says

20 Aug 2023

US, Japan and Australia plan joint navy drills in disputed South China Sea, Philippine officials say

19 Aug 2023

Japan, U.S. to jointly develop new interceptor missile

17 Aug 2023

North Korea prepares for military actions in protest of US, South Korea, Japan summit - South Korea

04 Aug 2023

PM Kishida hopes to further strengthen strategic cooperation with US and South Korea at summit

03 Aug 2023

Kishida to bring up water release misinformation at 3-way summit

02 Aug 2023

U.S., Japan, South Korea summit to mark strategic shift

30 Jul 2023

US calls on Russia to cease ‘irresponsible behavior’ in Syria after drone hit with flare

29 Jul 2023

US ambassador to Sudan returns to Saudi Arabia to resume dialogue efforts

24 Jul 2023

Japan, U.S., S. Korea vow to cooperate over N. Korean missiles

19 Jul 2023

Israel’s Herzog tells Biden its democracy remains sound amid US concerns over judicial overhaul

15 Jul 2023

Japan, U.S., S. Korea discuss disinformation over Fukushima water

15 Jul 2023

Saudi FM and Blinken discuss ties during call

25 Jun 2023

Saudi deputy foreign minister holds talks with US ambassador

22 Jun 2023

Increased US air force presence in MidEast is show of force and deterrence, says commander

18 Jun 2023

Hayashi, Blinken reaffirm close cooperation on China

16 Jun 2023

North Korean defense spokesman denounces South Korean 'puppets'

16 Jun 2023

US, Iran eye release of detainees, unfreezing of assets in indirect talks to cool tensions

10 Jun 2023

Saudi armed forces, GCC, US troops conclude military exercises

04 Jun 2023

Saudi Arabia, US keen on continuing Sudan talks - foreign ministry

03 Jun 2023

US defense secretary confirms commitment to supporting defense of Japan

02 Jun 2023

US sanctions Iranian operatives accused of overseas plots

21 May 2023

Blinken discusses ceasefire, Saudi talks during call with Sudan’s Burhan

06 May 2023

Saudi Arabia, US welcome dialogue between Sudan’s warring sides in Jeddah

06 May 2023

Saudi FM, Blinken discuss initiative to host Sudan warring parties in Jeddah

30 Apr 2023

S. Korea wants stronger cooperation over extended deterrence

29 Apr 2023

US confiscates Iran oil cargo on tanker amid Tehran tensions

26 Apr 2023

Biden to attend Hiroshima G-7 summit: white house

18 Apr 2023

U.S. ambassador to Japan lauds embassy moves to ‘green’ offices

17 Apr 2023

Japan, U.S. foreign chiefs vow to strengthen deterrence

17 Apr 2023

Japan, U.S., S. Korea conduct joint missile defense drill

17 Apr 2023

US helicopter raid in Syria targets Daesh leader

16 Apr 2023

Saudi Arabia, UAE, US foreign ministers call for end to Sudan violence

15 Apr 2023

U.S., Japan, ROK hold trilateral defense talks

08 Apr 2023

US Navy sends guided-missile submarine to Middle East

01 Apr 2023

US seeks to keep Yemen-bound ammunition seized from Iran

29 Mar 2023

Netanyahu, Biden exchange frosty words over Israel legal overhaul

28 Mar 2023

Japan, US, Philippines to launch security talks

28 Mar 2023

US ambassador Rahm wants to combat China’s ‘economic coercion’

27 Mar 2023

GCC appeals to US over Israeli minister’s Palestinian comments

26 Mar 2023

Tehran condemns US strikes on Iran-linked groups in Syria

24 Mar 2023

Iraq WMD failures shadow US intelligence 20 years later

22 Mar 2023

Japan beats U.S. for 3rd world baseball classic victory

17 Mar 2023

20 years after US invasion, young Iraqis see signs of hope

17 Mar 2023

US grapples with forces unleashed by Iraq invasion 20 years later

07 Mar 2023

North Korea criticizes military exercises; Kim’s sister calls US ‘insane’

03 Mar 2023

Japan, U.S.agree to block military aid to Russia

22 Feb 2023

Japan, U.S., S. Korea conduct joint aegis drill

15 Feb 2023

US considering sending seized Houthi weapons to Ukraine

08 Feb 2023

US says helping quake-hit Syria but not Assad

28 Jan 2023

U.S., Japan, Netherlands reach chip accord against China

20 Jan 2023

Ashanti to headline concert with Fat Joe and special guest Ja Rule in Dubai

14 Jan 2023

Kishida vows to defend freedom, democracy

07 Jan 2023

Japan, U.S. sign memorandum of cooperation on cyber defense

07 Jan 2023

US targets supply of Iranian drones to Russia in new sanctions

06 Jan 2023

US, Turkiye target financial network linked to Daesh

05 Jan 2023

US looks at ways to further target Iranian drone production, White House says

04 Jan 2023

Two rockets target US army base in eastern Syria: CENTCOM

03 Jan 2023

Kishida aims to hold Hiroshima G7 Summit successfully

29 Dec 2022

US navy to name ship after marine battles in Fallujah, Iraq

22 Dec 2022

South Korea, US consider live-fire drills amid North Korea threats

10 Dec 2022

Japan, others denounce N. Korea's human rights abuses

04 Dec 2022

Japan, U.S. meet to discuss energy issues, express concern about rising prices

02 Dec 2022

US, South Korea and Japan impose fresh sanctions on North Korea

14 Nov 2022

Turkiye ‘rejects’ US condolences over Istanbul attack

06 Nov 2022

US reaffirms commitment to two-state solution in phone call with Abbas


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