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16 Jan 2024

7 senior Abe faction members to avoid prosecution in funds scandal

07 Jul 2023

Abe shooting suspect worried about court appearance after fuss

12 Jun 2023

Hearing for Abe murder suspect cancelled over suspicious object: Japan media

10 Jan 2023

Abe murder suspect fit for trial after psych review

24 Oct 2022

Minister Yamagiwa resigns amid Unification Church row

09 Oct 2022

Film modeled on Abe shooting suspect draws controversy

08 Oct 2022

3 months on, investigation continues on Abe shooting suspect

28 Sep 2022

Saudi FM pays condolences to slain Abe Shinzo in meeting with Japan FM

28 Sep 2022

Kishida promises support for two-state solution in meeting with former Palestine PM

27 Sep 2022

Gulf, Arab delegations attend Abe state funeral

27 Sep 2022

Mourners, protesters around Abe state funeral venue

27 Sep 2022

Japan ex-PM Abe's state funeral underway

26 Sep 2022

Japan top court dismisses petition against Abe state funeral

26 Sep 2022

Why is Japan split over Abe's state funeral?

26 Sep 2022

British Foreign Secretary to attend Abe's state funeral

23 Sep 2022

Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan leaders to skip Abe’s state funeral

09 Sep 2022

Japan looking at diplomatic exchanges around state funeral of Abe Shinzo

07 Sep 2022

Over 1m yen donated to Abe shooter

07 Sep 2022

Kishida to appear before parliament over Abe funeral

06 Sep 2022

Japan to spend $12mn on ex-PM Abe's state funeral

05 Sep 2022

Kishida eyes meeting with Biden in New York

29 Aug 2022

Opposition grows to state funeral for assassinated Prime Minister Abe

26 Aug 2022

Abe murder suspect says life destroyed by mother's religion

25 Aug 2022

Security guard left area behind Abe 5 minutes before shooting

25 Aug 2022

Flight restrictions set for Sept. 27 state funeral for Abe

15 Aug 2022

US vice president likely to attend state funeral for Abe

09 Aug 2022

Japan PM says new cabinet members must 'review' ties with Unification Church

25 Jul 2022

Japan starts psychiatric exam process for Abe shooter

20 Jul 2022

Memorial speech for ex-PM Abe at Diet eyed for Aug. 5

20 Jul 2022

Abe shooter rented garage to dry gunpowder

20 Jul 2022

Japan eyeing state funeral for Abe on Sept. 27

19 Jul 2022

Saudi Arabia and Japan reaffirm close bilateral ties

19 Jul 2022

Altar in Nara for Ex-PM Abe taken down

18 Jul 2022

Loss of Abe may trigger power struggle in LDP's biggest faction

18 Jul 2022

Abe shooter sent letter to blogger critical of Unification Church

15 Jul 2022

Abe shooter's mother donated 100m yen to Unification Church

14 Jul 2022

Japan PM blames police for death of Abe Shinzo; plans state funeral for former leader later this year

14 Jul 2022

ADNOC displays photo of slain former PM Abe on its HQ building

13 Jul 2022

Japan govt mulling large-scale funeral for Abe in autumn

13 Jul 2022

Abe shooter planned to attack religious group leader

12 Jul 2022

Lebanon shares pain of Japanese people over the loss of Abe

12 Jul 2022

GCC embassies open to public as mourners bid farewell to Abe

11 Jul 2022

Oman’s ambassador to Japan praises Abe's ‘exceptional’ diplomacy skills

11 Jul 2022

Family funeral to be held tomorrow for Abe: LDP

11 Jul 2022

Japan LDP achieves big victory in upper house poll

10 Jul 2022

Palestinian Ambassador to Japan recalls the visit of Shinzo Abe to Palestine in 2018

10 Jul 2022

Abe shooter seen to have test-fired guns beforehand

10 Jul 2022

Japanese involved in politics react to the attack on the former prime minister

10 Jul 2022

Abe shooter initially considered targeting religious group exec

10 Jul 2022

Voting underway for Japan's upper house election

10 Jul 2022

Blinken to visit Japan to pay tribute to ex-PM Abe

09 Jul 2022

Signs of attack hard to detect in Abe shooting: Expert

09 Jul 2022

Abe impersonated 'Super Mario' to promote Tokyo Olympics

09 Jul 2022

Japanese business leaders mourn Abe

09 Jul 2022

Shinzo Abe's loved ones mourn his death at the funeral wake in Tokyo

09 Jul 2022

British Queen saddened by Abe's death

09 Jul 2022

Saudi Arabia condemns assassination of Japan’s Abe

09 Jul 2022

Kuwait, Oman, UAE and others mourn death of Japan former PM Abe after shooting

08 Jul 2022

Condolences to the Japanese people: Shinzo Abe, you will be missed

08 Jul 2022

Japanese former prime minister Abe shot dead

08 Jul 2022

The late PM Abe: A true friend of the Arab World

08 Jan 2022

Abe calls for keeping Imperial patrilineal succession

27 May 2021

Abe cites 4 senior lawmakers as candidates to succeed Suga

26 Dec 2020

Abe Apologizes for Making False Diet Statements

18 Dec 2020

Ex-PM Abe willing to face diet over cherry party scandal

24 Nov 2020

Opposition demands questioning of ex-PM Abe in Diet

23 Nov 2020

Aide to ex-PM Abe questioned over cherry blossom dinner parties

17 Nov 2020

IOC Bach awards ex-PM Abe Olympic Order

11 Oct 2020

PM Suga may not be able to rely on ‘golf diplomacy’ if Trump re-elected

16 Sep 2020

Abe's cabinet resigns en masse

15 Sep 2020

Abe resigning, leaving legacy of light and darkness

06 Sep 2020

Abe likely to issue statement on new missile defense strategy

02 Sep 2020

Trudeau values Abe's contribution to Japan-Canada ties

31 Aug 2020

Ex-defence minister Ishiba is people's choice for next Japan PM - polls

31 Aug 2020

Suga to run in race to choose Abe's successor

24 Aug 2020

Japan's Abe returns from hospital, says to do his best at his job

24 Aug 2020

Japanese shares edge higher, concerns over PM Abe's health weigh

27 Jun 2020

Japan quietly takes lead in Asian pushback against China

06 Jun 2020

Abe cabinet approval at 38.1 percent in May

31 May 2020

Abe's options decreasing over possible Lower House dissolution

15 May 2020

Japan's Abe orders second extra budget to fight virus crisis

03 May 2020

Coronavirus makes Abe's constitutional reform unfeasible

25 Apr 2020

Japan, Jordan discuss collaborative battle against COVID-19

12 Apr 2020

Japanese ministers to skip overseas trips due to coronavirus

24 Mar 2020

Possible Olympic delay ignites speculation over election in Japan

24 Mar 2020

Japan government preparing for one-year delay of Tokyo Olympics

23 Mar 2020

Abe hints at tolerating postponement of Tokyo Olympics

22 Jan 2020

Questions raised about Abe's claims in speech

15 Jan 2020

The region needs a grand bargain with Iran

09 Jan 2020

Abe praises Trump statement on Iran as self-restraining


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