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20 Apr 2021

Saudi Arabia’s crown prince and China’s president discuss cooperation

13 Apr 2021

Oil ‘supercycle’ not on the cards: Energy experts

30 Mar 2021

Tokyo Metropolitan Government announces updates to the “Zero Emission Tokyo Strategy” 

30 Mar 2021

Dubai to develop $1 billion privately financed waste-to-energy plant

29 Mar 2021

International Energy Forum Sec-Gen meets Japan’s Ambassador to Saudi Arabia

24 Mar 2021

Abu Dhabi’s Taqa to invest $10 billion at home and expand in Saudi Arabia

24 Mar 2021

Saudi Aramco offers China partnership in energy transition

21 Mar 2021

Saudi Aramco announces $75bn dividend despite ‘unprecedented, difficult’ year

18 Mar 2021

Middle East geopolitical uncertainty critical to Japan’s energy security

17 Mar 2021

'Big Coal' damage to the environment exposed

01 Mar 2021

Former Japanese prime ministers renew anti-nuclear calls

28 Feb 2021

Energy recap: February

23 Feb 2021

Japanese Minister says the UAE has great potential for supplying hydrogen in the future

19 Feb 2021

Japan and Saudi Arabia collaborate to raise awareness on energy efficiency

17 Feb 2021

Why it may be too early to be hailing next commodities super cycle

17 Feb 2021

Riyadh to host global energy leaders after ‘unparalleled’ year

15 Feb 2021

Saudi-Japan auto institute to host energy efficiency symposium

10 Feb 2021

Japanese energy firm awarded Abu Dhabi offshore exploration rights

04 Feb 2021

OPEC+ ministers cautiously optimistic about global oil market

28 Jan 2021

Saudi Arabia ‘leading the way’ in climate change fight

26 Jan 2021

New ministry logo represents Saudi Arabia as beating heart of world energy supply

20 Jan 2021

Saudi Arabia aims to generate 50% of power from renewables by 2030

20 Dec 2020

Saudi Arabia, Russia set to triple number of joint projects

17 Dec 2020

Sisi and Abu Dhabi crown prince discuss Israel deals and energy during Cairo meeting

11 Dec 2020

UAE holds talks with Israel on expanding energy sector cooperation

06 Dec 2020

Global energy experts give their verdict on OPEC+ deal

04 Dec 2020

OPEC+ compromises on oil supply increase

29 Nov 2020

OPEC+ energy ministers ponder delay to extra oil supply ahead of key meeting

18 Nov 2020

World energy supply must be sustainable, says Aramco officer

17 Nov 2020

Big revamp for Saudi Arabia electricity sector

16 Nov 2020

Kono calls for review of energy-saving subsidies

12 Nov 2020

ADNOC delivers first shale gas from the UAE

03 Nov 2020

Aramco makes $11.8bn in third quarter as economic activity improves

02 Oct 2020

UAE, US and Israel will develop joint strategy in energy sector

29 Sep 2020

Why the IPO of Siemens Energy matters to the future of energy markets

26 Sep 2020

UAE re-elected to IAEA Board of Governors

25 Sep 2020

‘Growing momentum’ behind efforts to limit carbon emissions: IEA

18 Sep 2020

OPEC+ members will face big decisions during end-of-year ministerial meeting

18 Sep 2020

How the coronavirus crisis forced the largest oil supply cut in history

13 Sep 2020

INTERVIEW: Lucid Air drives the electric vehicle transformation to the next level

11 Sep 2020

Saudi energy think tank develops oil shock analysis model

07 Sep 2020

Saudi energy minister meets historic challenges

06 Sep 2020

Falling oil prices revive concerns about the slow pace of recovery

05 Sep 2020

Crude hiccups should not derail long-term oil market recovery

27 Aug 2020

Creating the balanced energy transition the world requires

03 Aug 2020

Japan's Seven & i to buy Marathon Petroleum's Speedway gas stations for $21 bln

09 Jul 2020

Oil price war headlines deflect from new peace

01 Jul 2020

Saudi Arabia provided nearly 41% of Japan's crude oil imports in May 

28 Jun 2020

Prices remain in narrow band

31 May 2020

Calm after the storm


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