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29 May 2023

Kuwait, Japan hold 3rd session of political consultations, share same views on several issues

16 May 2023

Residence of Kuwaiti military office chief at Khartoum embassy stormed, vandalized

07 Apr 2023

UN, Arab development fund agreement to assist refugees, displaced people in MENA region

23 Mar 2023

Kuwait pledges $90m to support earthquake survivors in Turkiye, Syria

20 Mar 2023

Kuwait oil company declares ‘state of emergency’ after oil spill on land

15 Mar 2023

Kuwait Ambassador praises Japanese students for humanitarian choices

15 Mar 2023

Japan repeats thanks to Kuwait for aid package following 2011 quake, tsunami

10 Mar 2023

Kuwait to empower women as ‘equal partners,’ says minister

05 Mar 2023

Sheikh Ahmad Nawaf Al-Sabah re-appointed as prime minister of Kuwait

02 Mar 2023

Japan and Kuwait celebrate anniversary of diplomatic relations

01 Mar 2023

Arab crude oil reaches 94.4% of Japan's imports in January

22 Feb 2023

Kuwait hails relations with Japan at Independence Day celebrations

08 Feb 2023

First Kuwaiti flight carrying aid for earthquake victims takes off for Turkiye

05 Feb 2023

British military forces in Kuwait for Desert Warrior 7 drills

29 Jan 2023

Kuwait ‘absolute believer in peace,’ says diplomat

25 Jan 2023

Kuwait’s IICO and UNHCR sign agreement to provide humanitarian supplies to Rohingya refugees

24 Jan 2023

Kuwait PM submits cabinet resignation

02 Jan 2023

Kuwait authorities intercept $14.5 million worth of illegal drugs

13 Dec 2022

Japanese Prime Minister thanks Kuwait for stable oil supply

26 Nov 2022

Kuwait detects cholera in citizen arriving from neighboring country

24 Nov 2022

Kuwait officials discuss OPEC+ oil output decrease with senior US Senator

09 Nov 2022

World leaders discuss ways to help developing nations avoid climate disaster on day two of COP27

17 Oct 2022

Kuwait appoints new oil, foreign ministers in cabinet reshuffle

15 Oct 2022

Kuwait renews support for Palestinian independence

02 Oct 2022

Kuwait crown prince accepts cabinet resignation

30 Sep 2022

Kuwait announces winners of National Assembly elections

27 Sep 2022

Kuwait, Japan FM meet amid Abe state funeral

28 Aug 2022

Kuwait to hold parliamentary elections on Sept. 29

21 Jul 2022

Queen honors Kuwait ambassador with ‘rare and exceptional honor’

21 Jun 2022

Saudi Arabia reach semifinal of WAFF Women’s Futsal Championship

07 Jun 2022

Kuwait supermarket pulls Indian products as row grows over Prophet remarks

06 Jun 2022

Japan Ambassador to Kuwait agrees to enhance ties with KDIPA Director General

21 May 2022

Kuwait ministry captures Iranian ship with 240 tons of smuggled diesel: report

13 May 2022

Tokyo Governor Koike heads to Kuwait and UAE

10 May 2022

Kuwait Emir accepts government resignation

28 Apr 2022

Kuwait eases COVID-19 restrictions, vaccinations no longer needed

21 Apr 2022

Japan-Kuwait Foreign Ministers confirm strong partnership

20 Apr 2022

Japan refiner Eneos to buy alternative to Russian crude from Middle East

13 Apr 2022

Saudi Arabia, Kuwait call for negotiations with Iran over Dorra gas field demarcation

05 Apr 2022

Kuwait’s Crown Prince receives government’s letter of resignation

31 Mar 2022

Japan to help Kuwait step up oil production

17 Feb 2022

Kuwait Emiri decree accepts resignations of defense, interior ministers -tweet

15 Feb 2022

Kuwait eases some COVID-19 restrictions

13 Feb 2022

Banned in Kuwait and Lebanon, Saudis enjoy ‘Death on the Nile’ at the Kingdom’s recently opened cinemas

31 Jan 2022

Gulf states review Lebanon’s response to proposal to ease row

30 Jan 2022

Saudi FM meets Kuwaiti counterpart

27 Jan 2022

US appreciates Kuwait’s support for mutual return to compliance with Iran nuclear deal: Blinken

24 Jan 2022

Kuwait FM: Lebanon ‘should not be platform for aggression’

15 Jan 2022

Qatari, Omani, Kuwaiti and Bahraini forces arrive in Saudi Arabia for GCC security exercise

10 Jan 2022

Kuwait, Qatar COVID-19 daily cases soar past previous highs


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