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04 May 2021

Jordan reopens two border posts with Saudi Arabia, Syria

04 May 2021

Tamaki: Ties with Saudi Arabia, UAE and Jordan key to region’s stability

27 Apr 2021

Jordan’s King Abdullah, GCC chief hold talks on anti-Arab extremist violence in Jerusalem

26 Apr 2021

Officials from Jordan, Egypt, UN condemn anti-Arab extremist rampage in Jerusalem

25 Apr 2021

Jordanian Senate Speaker condemns ‘racist’ Israeli attacks on Palestinians in Jerusalem

18 Apr 2021

Jordan’s stability is vital, and King Abdullah is its biggest guarantor

15 Apr 2021

Jordan slams Israeli police bid to silence call to prayer at Al-Aqsa Mosque minarets

13 Apr 2021

Prince Hamza of Jordan will not face trial: Jordanian media

12 Apr 2021

Japan's Suga congratulates Jordan on its 100th foundation Anniversary

12 Apr 2021

Iran’s flagship nuclear plant crippled by ‘Israeli sabotage’

11 Apr 2021

Jordan’s King Abdullah II and Prince Hamza make first joint appearance since rift

07 Apr 2021

Jordanians need to unite in this moment of crisis

07 Apr 2021

Saudi cabinet stresses full solidarity with Jordan

06 Apr 2021

Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal arrives in Amman to confirm Kingdom’s support for King Abdullah II

06 Apr 2021

Japanese government monitoring Jordanian developments

05 Apr 2021

Saudi leadership reiterates support to Jordan King Abdullah II, Crown Prince Hussein

05 Apr 2021

Jordan says prince liaised with ‘foreign parties’ over plot to destabilize country

04 Apr 2021

Riyadh, Washington voice support for Jordan’s King Abdullah II

04 Apr 2021

Former Jordanian crown prince says he is under house arrest

04 Apr 2021

Former head of Jordanian royal court, other senior officials arrested: Jordan News Agency

02 Apr 2021

‘Illegal’ Al-Aqsa visitors spark Jordan protest

28 Mar 2021

Jordan inoculates more than 274,000 against COVID-19

21 Mar 2021

Jordan hospital denies running out of anti-coronavirus drugs

19 Mar 2021

Jordan to receive 10.2 million doses of coronavirus vaccines this year

19 Mar 2021

Jordanian soprano Zeina Barhoum to perform at Palestine Museum US

16 Mar 2021

Jordan uses tear gas to clamp down on anti-lockdown protesters

15 Mar 2021

Son’s desperate attempt to save father after Jordanian hospital ran out of oxygen

13 Mar 2021

Jordan hospital records deaths among COVID-19 patients due to oxygen outage

10 Mar 2021

Schools in Jordan closed again amid surge in COVID-19 cases

09 Mar 2021

Regional leaders arrive in Saudi Arabia for meetings with crown prince

08 Mar 2021

Jordanian women have come a long way, but much work remains to be done

04 Mar 2021

Saudi aid agency continues projects in Yemen, Jordan

01 Mar 2021

Jordanian officials lambast Israel over Al-Aqsa Mosque break-in

01 Mar 2021

Jordanian ministers sacked for attending dinner breaching COVID-19 rules

27 Feb 2021

Annab meets Japan’s former Prime Minister Abe Shinzo

22 Feb 2021

Jordanian MPs pass kingdom’s ‘most difficult budget’

18 Feb 2021

Heavy snowfall, gales as winter storm hits Middle East

18 Feb 2021

Tears, relief, and gratitude as Jordan vaccinates Syrian refugees

12 Feb 2021

Jordan reports high adherence to COVID-19 protocols in schools as students return

26 Jan 2021

Jordan demands Israel end Al-Aqsa ‘provocations’

24 Jan 2021

Coronavirus pandemic forces Jordanian children into labor market

19 Jan 2021

Egyptian leader in Jordan for post-Trump strategy talks

16 Jan 2021

Saudi Arabia to reopen its embassy in Doha, says Saudi FM

14 Jan 2021

Jordan’s new government wins vote of confidence

13 Jan 2021

Jordan, Egypt could join Quartet’s Mideast peace drive

22 Dec 2020

Jordan continues cross-border goods transport with Saudi Arabia despite new virus restrictions

18 Dec 2020

Jordan condemns Israeli bill legalizing settlement outpost on Palestinian territory

13 Dec 2020

Jordan tea house importing blends from Japan to shut down amid COVID-19

09 Dec 2020

Jordan to keep COVID-19 precautionary measures

05 Dec 2020

Top diplomats from Jordan and Israel hold rare meeting on Palestine issue


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