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15 Oct 2020

Jordanian Embassy helps organize webinar to boost investment from Japan

09 Oct 2020

Israel signs deal with Jordan to open airspace

08 Oct 2020

Jordan to administer 230,000 shots of seasonal flu vaccine

06 Oct 2020

Jordan health ministry: COVID-19 testing kits being used are safe

04 Oct 2020

Jordan’s King Abdullah accepts resignation of Prime Minister Omar Al-Razzaz

02 Oct 2020

Arab leaders pay tribute to late emir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah

28 Sep 2020

Jordan fund for response plan to Syrian crisis now at $644 million

27 Sep 2020

Jordan COVID-19 cases at highest daily count since pandemic began

20 Sep 2020

Jordan textile worker ‘had one day off in two years’

12 Sep 2020

Outdated ordnance cause of Jordanian military depot blast

11 Sep 2020

Explosion at a military installation in the Jordanian city of Zarqa

10 Sep 2020

Jordan orders army conscription for 25-29-year-olds to help tackle unemployment

23 Aug 2020

Jordan frees teachers’ union chiefs as schools to reopen

23 Aug 2020

Jordan faces full curfew in coronavirus hotspots

18 Aug 2020

Jordan gag on teachers’ dispute signals rising ‘repression’: HRW

13 Aug 2020

Jordan to close border with Syria after spike in COVID-19 cases

11 Aug 2020

OIC rejects Israel’s plan to annex Palestinian lands

08 Aug 2020

NBA player's Air Jordan design salutes Japanese-African roots

03 Aug 2020

Jordan rejects Israel’s settlement decision

31 Jul 2020

Jordan calls on Israel to respect Al-Aqsa mosque sanctity

28 Jul 2020

Japan grants $3.7 million to Jordan in fight against COVID-19

26 Jul 2020

Jordan arrests leaders of teacher’s union

20 Jul 2020

Japan’s Olive Oil Prize awards Lebanon for high-quality olive oil

16 Jul 2020

Jordanian court considers Muslim Brotherhood 'dissolved'

07 Jul 2020

Egypt, France, Germany, Jordan warn Israel on annexation

07 Jul 2020

Italy donates $904.9k to Jordan’s education sector

21 Jun 2020

Jordan resumes domestic flights at major airport

15 Jun 2020

Middle Eastern animation studio releases horror-themed animated short

14 Jun 2020

Jordan child labor incidence rises during coronavirus pandemic

01 Jun 2020

Jordan receives medical supplies from China worth $750,000

30 May 2020

Jordan pools $131m in COVID-19 donation fund

30 May 2020

Jordan reiterates health guidelines as country continues return to normal life

29 May 2020

Jordan to reopen mosques and churches for prayer

23 May 2020

The Arab world must unite against Israel’s annexation plans

21 May 2020

Israel unlikely to go ahead with annexation plan

18 May 2020

Jordan repatriates more citizens as coronavirus pandemic continues

18 May 2020

Jordan, Palestine ponder joint suspension of Israel agreements

15 May 2020

Jordan repatriation continues with 16 flights to bring nationals home

11 May 2020

The Government of Japan provides $2.2m in support of UNICEF Jordan’s health, sanitation services

08 May 2020

KSRelief continues distribution of Ramadan food aid worldwide

03 May 2020

Jordan provides Japan with medical assistance

29 Apr 2020

World Bank provides Jordan $20 million coronavirus relief package

25 Apr 2020

Japan, Jordan discuss collaborative battle against COVID-19

22 Apr 2020

Arab countries could stop Israeli land grab

21 Apr 2020

Muslims face a Ramadan like never before

12 Apr 2020

Jordan ramps up COVID-19 testing as new cases emerge

11 Apr 2020

Easter church services to go ‘virtual’ in coronavirus-hit Palestine and Jordan

05 Apr 2020

Jordan to use drones, cameras to monitor curfew

21 Mar 2020

Jordan imposes strict 4-day curfew after citizens ignore virus warnings

17 Mar 2020

Coronavirus patient sparks scare after fleeing Jordanian hospital quarantine


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