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12 Apr 2024

Health problems reported over 18 functional foods in Japan

26 Mar 2024

Saudi restaurant chain’s success based on Kaizen business philosophy: Al-Romansiah founder

29 Feb 2024

Prices of 728 food products to rise in Japan in March

27 Feb 2024

OKKU: The latest sensation in Dubai's food landscape

15 Feb 2024

Japan's humble 'onigiri' rice balls get image upgrade

14 Feb 2024

Otaku: Japanese inspired café in UAE with variety of pastries, beverages

02 Feb 2024

New cookbook details tasty recipes from Studio Ghibli’s ‘Kiki’s Delivery Service’

20 Sep 2023

Wakame: Fine Japanese dining in the heart of Dubai

27 Aug 2023

How Arab countries can tackle food waste at every step of the supply chain

23 Aug 2023

China, HK to toughen import restrictions on Japan food

04 Aug 2023

Japan's food exports hit record high in the first half of the year

01 Aug 2023

Switzerland to eliminate import restrictions on Japan food

31 Jul 2023

Prices for 1,102 food items going up in August

27 Jul 2023

Dubai a culinary capital in the making

27 Apr 2023

Elderly Japanese man opens free cafe in Ukraine's Kharkiv

12 Apr 2023

An all-Japanese restaurant opens its doors in Dubai

07 Apr 2023

World food prices fall for 12th month running in March — UN

02 Apr 2023

KSrelief continues distribution of food aid worldwide

23 Mar 2023

Recipes for success: Chef Shun Shiroma offers advice and a tasty roast potato recipe to try this Ramadan

23 Feb 2023

Japan’s Parliamentary Secretary for Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries promotes Japanese exports in UAE

07 Feb 2023

New authentic Japanese restaurant Mogi-Ya joins Dubai’s booming food scene

31 Jan 2023

MENA’s 50 Best Restaurants awards Myazu as Saudi Arabia’s best eatery

20 Dec 2022

Suntory Beverage's first female CEO wants more women managers, global business

12 Oct 2022

Lotus offers Japanese cuisine that will delight various tastes in Saudi Arabia

20 Aug 2022

Truly tasteless: Japan's plastic food artists get creative

29 Jul 2022

Saudi Arabia, France discuss stabilizing global energy markets, food supplies

26 Jul 2022

US pledges $50m to support Egypt’s food security

06 Jul 2022

Tokyo school swaps fresh fruit for jelly as food prices soar

27 Jun 2022

CLAY Dubai perfectly binds Japanese & Peruvian flavors on Cebiche Day

24 Jun 2022

G7 countries agree Russia is responsible for food crisis: Japan minister

23 Jun 2022

Five Japanese restaurants awarded in 2022 Michelin Guide Dubai

09 Jun 2022

Japanese-Korean restaurant NOMANI offers distinctive dining journey in the UAE

02 Jun 2022

New Japanese restaurant UDN serves authentic udon noodles in UAE

01 Jun 2022

Food waste cement: A gingerbread house-style building option

01 May 2022

Dubai-based entrepreneur duo offer a greener take on Japanese food

19 Apr 2022

Japan researchers develop electric chopsticks to enhance salty taste

13 Apr 2022

Consulate-General of Japan certifies Japanese food stores in Dubai

03 Apr 2022

GCC not at risk of food insecurity but inflation as Ukraine crisis disrupts supply

01 Apr 2022

Japanese restaurant ROKA Dubai celebrates milestone 2-year anniversary

28 Mar 2022

Riyadh truffle festival serves up a ‘fungi town’ treat

09 Mar 2022

A perfect MATCHA: NETTE brings together food and sports at new Dubai hangout

21 Feb 2022

Social media platforms enhance dining experience for food lovers in Saudi Arabia

07 Feb 2022

Delivery-based Japanese concept brings quality food into the home amid pandemic

18 Jan 2022

UAE’s SŌ Tea Café fuses Japanese and Emirati flavors for exquisite dishes and teas

22 Dec 2021

Food prices set to surge in Japan in early 2022

21 Nov 2021

First food delivery by drones in a populated area carried out in Tokyo

08 Nov 2021

Celebrity chef Salt Bae leaves London to open restaurant in Riyadh

05 Nov 2021

ROKA Dubai is a meeting place for all to eat and enjoy

29 Oct 2021

Cloud kitchen business brings Japanese street food to Dubai

24 Oct 2021

Burger King Japan switches it up with butter buns and chocolate fries

22 Oct 2021

Can ROKA deliver the goods in Riyadh?

17 Oct 2021

Food-culture ambassador aims to nourish the bonds between Saudi Arabia and Japan

17 Oct 2021

Lunch packs gain popularity following Pizza Hut Japan collaboration

16 Oct 2021

Outdoor vegan food court caters to various culinary preferences

07 Oct 2021

Dubai’s KOYO revolutionizes Japanese dining with live shows

06 Oct 2021

Japan aiming to produce food in space for long stays

29 Sep 2021

Lab-grown meat is here to save the Gulf from hunger, says Khaled bin Alwaleed

26 Sep 2021

Fish cakes regain popularity in Japan

14 Sep 2021

Saudi Arabia asks contractors to buy essential food items locally

05 Sep 2021

Saudi Arabia accelerates efforts for more food delivery jobs, businesses

01 Sep 2021

Dubai-based food blogger launches artisanal tea brand

09 Aug 2021

Expo 2020 Dubai to offer futuristic dining experience with UK design studio

18 Jul 2021

Maru Udon: A restaurant with authentic Japanese Udon in Dubai

17 Jul 2021

Saltwater-grown crops lift food-security hopes of arid Arab countries

02 May 2021

Dubai launches food and agriculture technology city

30 Apr 2021

Food truck in Tokyo serves eye-catching crepes and ice cream

11 Apr 2021

Japanese bakery launches unlimited bread-buffet

16 Mar 2021

Shuaa leads $50m finance deal for Pure Harvest Smart Farms as it targets Saudi Arabia

28 Feb 2021

Japanese company releases pancake flavoured mochi

25 Feb 2021

Krispy Kreme Japan makes donut range inspired by the “Despicable Me” film

19 Feb 2021

Saudi food delivery market valued at $511m

17 Feb 2021

Consul-General of Japan in Dubai presents certification to Japanese restaurant founder

02 Feb 2021

Japan's 2020 food exports hit record despite pandemic

15 Jan 2021

Unique Japanese restaurant opens its doors in Saudi Arabia

20 Dec 2020

Japanese bakery Yamanote Atelier releases festive menu

11 Nov 2020

Japanese restaurant praised for presidential burgers

02 Nov 2020

Reflecting on Japanese culture with salt beef brand Meat Melt

30 Oct 2020

Step aside Burger King, Lebanon’s Malak Al-Batata claimed the French fries sandwich first

08 Oct 2020

The first Bento maker in Saudi Arabia

23 Sep 2020

KOBEYa: Gluten-free Japanese restaurant caters to UAE’s diverse community

08 Sep 2020

Japan fast-food group Colowide succeeds in hostile bid for rival Ootoya

06 Sep 2020

Receive, store, eat, repeat: Emergency cup noodles service available in Japan

29 Aug 2020

UN rights expert urges international help for Lebanon to ‘avert hunger crisis’

25 Aug 2020

Eat, drink, shop: Inside the UAE’s first Japanese lifestyle culture shop FRAME 

18 Aug 2020

Amidst destruction, Beirut’s Osaka Sushi lounge shares a story of hope

16 Aug 2020

Mami Umami: Izakaya-style dining with a Latin American twist

12 Aug 2020

Yamanote Atelier launches new sandwich line-up

11 Aug 2020

UN food chief: Beirut could run out of bread in 2 1/2 weeks

06 Aug 2020

Fear of food shortages after Beirut explosion hits grain reserves

04 Aug 2020

Wokyo Noodle Bar: A Dubai couple’s love for Wok and Tokyo

03 Aug 2020

Dubai-based instachef creates ramen dish with a French twist

31 Jul 2020

Toilet roll or cake? Dubai-based chef shows off pandemic-inspired dessert

24 Jul 2020

Saudi Ports to develop massive grain terminal in Yanbu

19 Jul 2020

Family-run restaurant, Daikan, home to resilient ramen

18 Jul 2020

Hello Kitty themed food is on the menu at Japan’s Narita Airport

16 Jul 2020

Japanese restaurant serves authentic cuisine in the UAE for over 15 years

27 Jun 2020

Japanese ramen shop offers lifetime supply of ramen

27 Jun 2020

Chaos hits Lebanese food market, merchants may close stores

07 Jun 2020

Bandai SPIRITS and Nissin recreate a plastic Cup Noodle model

06 Jun 2020

Suntory CEO says 20% of restaurants may fail as coronavirus slams Japan's dining scene


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